The following are descriptions of events hosted by Beacon Hall Archive in the year 2014. Logs are provided where available.

Recipe Contest and Tale of the Winterberry

Friday, December 12th at 10:00 PM EST

Come celebrate Winterfest with Beacon Hall! We will be hosting a cooking contest, so come prepared to share your favorite seasonable recipes such as soup for the cold weather, cookies for the holidays, or whatever else warms your heart this time of year. Afterwards, we invite you to explore with us the tale of the winterberry; harvested only in the Icemule environs, this fruit makes a long journey down to River's Rest in the County of Torre where it is brewed into our favorite ale. Location: Beacon Hall tent, to be set up outside Tartifacts Bakery.

Coordinator(s): Kayse and Kaldonis

Logs: Tale of the Winterberry

Beacon Hall Fling

Saturday, November 15th at 8:00 PM EST

Description required

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Graveyard Tales

Friday, October 31st at 10:00 PM EST

Beacon Hall is having a 'Graveyard Tales" storytelling event, Friday October, 31st at 10 PM eastern. Participants will get an indepth history of Cerianna LeFante. A Graveyard tour is included following the tale.

Coordinator(s): Jersea

Goatfest 2014

September 27th-30th

Description required Greedy Goatherd

Coordinator(s): Jersea, Kirryk, Teasurii, Kaldonis, Astru, Fyrentennimar

Lunch and Lore

Saturday, August 16th at 11:30 AM EDT (Feastday, the 16th of Phoenatos starting 11:30 elven)

Description required

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Hang out with Beacon Hall

Monday, July 14 at 9:30 PM EDT

Hang Out with Beacon Hall ---Join Beacon Hall Archive for a night of camaraderie on July 14, at 9:30 P.M., EST. Help will be available for spell-ups and bounties, or just get a line wet with us in Beacon's private fishing area. Tours of the Archive will be available.

Coordinator(s): Khiya

Beacon Hall hosts Burghals Rule

Tuesday, June 24th at 10:00 PM EDT

Description required

Coordinator(s): Teasurii

Picture Book Sharing

Thursday, May 22nd at 9:30 PM EDT

Description required

Coordinator(s): Kirryk (?)

Gazebo Opening Celebration

Monday, April 21st

Description required, but Gem of Fate was played...

Coordinator(s): Khiya (?)

Smuggler's Savage Scavenge

Sunday, March 16th at 12:00 PM EST

Come investigate the infamous Warrens of River's Rest with Beacon Hall Archive! We will have a scavenger hunt followed by a tour. Please join us in the River's Rest Commons at noon (12:00) as the elves tell time, where we will proceed to the Warrens under town for the hunt and tour. We will then conclude our festivities with a bit of Dock Diving for those brave enough to partake.

Coordinator(s): Astru, Kaldonis

Romance in the Rest

Wednesday, February 12th at 8:30 EST 

Romance in the Rest to be held the evening of February 12th with varied activities from 8:30 until after 10:00 EST. Located in and around the Beacon Hall courtyard. Coordinator - Jersea. Open to all. River's Rest history has recorded many love stories and who knows, this event could be the start of another.

Coordinator(s): Jersea

Beacon Hall Invades the Landing

Tuesday, January 28th at 8:00 EST

Description required

Coordinator(s): Jersea

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