The following are the calendar descriptions of the events hosted by Beacon Hall Archive in the year 2015. Logs are included where available.

Winterfest Tales with Beacon Hall Archive

Feastday (Saturday), Eorgaen (December) 12, 8:30pm Elven (Eastern) Time 

Location: a crimson and ivory canvas tent, South Entrance of Gaming Hall, Icemule Trace

Description: Help Beacon Hall Archive celebrate Winterfest by telling your favorite children's story. Take a break from the harsh cold and come inside to get warm in BHA's tent which will be located outside the southern most entrance of the Gaming Hall. To make the evening especially exciting, judges will choose the most outstanding entries, awarding prizes and choosing one lucky winner to be published by the Archive and they'll also receive their own hard copy of their book! (Use the ACT and SMILE commands to bring your original children's story to life. How you present is up to you just keep it in genre and IC.)

Coordinator(s): Kayse

Bi-Monthy Tour and Game

Tuesday November 17th at 9:00 PM EST

Have you ever seen the Beacon Hall longboat or attic? Join us in Town Commons on the 17th of Eoantos at 9:00 PM elven for a tour of BHA. Afterwards, come cool down with a refreshing bout of Dock Diving in the Warren. You don't need to bring anything (except maybe a towel) to show off your best gnome cannon ball or sleek swan dive; feel free to jump right in!

Coordinators: Skipjack


October 9-11 

Our major event of the year. Ensorcell raffle by Malisai, Enchant by Cabolt.

Coordinators: Kayse, Jersea, Orssus, Astru

Storytime with Beacon Hall

Friday, September 25th at 9:00 PM

Grab some milk and cookies and come to story time with Beacon Hall Archive! River's Rest has a lot of history filled with colorful and quirky characters, which means there's a plethora of stories to be heard. Join us in the Commons at 9:00 P.M. Elven on the 25th of Imaerasta to hear what makes this town so wonderful.

Coordinators: Kayse's idea, hosted by Jersea

Frontier Days Ki'lin Hunt

Monday, August 24th at 9:00 PM

Join Beacon Hall Archive and Twilight Hall as we seek to find, slay, and skin the mythical entity known only as a ki-lin. We're gathering in the Kobold Village, at the Beacon Hall park to form a war party. Ki-lin are fabled legends described as chimeric unicorns with the head of a dragon embodied by an ungulate, with a ferocious mane. But have you ever seen one? If not, we ask you to join our war party which aims to find this beast from another plane! Reading historical texts is educational, but we invite you to witness uncanny events rather than relying on lore or mere hearsay in the first-ever Frontier Days Ki-lin Hunt. Before we begin, a brief lecture on the nature of extraplanar beings, as well as the fundamentals of summoning, along with a simple history of the Monastery and the Broken Lands will be told to cover the bases, including a question and answer session. Subsequently, an array of options for how to Hunt Ki-lin will be summarized and voted upon by all war party members. The results of the vote will be binding rules for the hunt by all participants; one option is the offer of 3 million silvers as a bounty price for the first horn procured, should war party members accept this option and determine how to distribute it. We kindly ask all participants to stick with the agreed rules or opt not to participate.

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis and Rolfard

Rats Invade the Landing

Sunday, July 5th at 10:00 PM EDT

Rats are invading Wehnimer's Landing! River Rats, that is. Join the past and present chairs of Beacon Hall Archive as they celebrate the opening of the house's new home away from home. Our newly constructed Annex in the Kobold Village is largely open to the public, containing a gallery with artifacts from the days of yore, a small library, and a park. Following the Annex formal opening ceremony and tour, we will relieve all boredom taking turns leaping out of the tree house in Town Square. The game prize will be a bank note flung into the Square by the powerful gusts of wind created when a troop of fools plummet from a large height. In order to spread the joy and merriment of River's Rest, the note will be accompanied by winterberry ale, pickles, and notes of lesser value.

Coordinator(s): Khiya and Kaldonis

The Story of Aeia

Friday, June 5th at 10:00 PM EDT 

Join Beacon Hall Archive on the first Day of the Huntress in Lumnea (Friday, June 3rd), as we investigate the most beloved patroness of River's Rest. We'll meet up at 22:00 elven in the Town Commons before visiting several local shrines to Aeia, discussing history as well as a few practical gardening tips.

Coordinator(s): Astru

Beacon Hall Bi-monthly Tour and Games

Wednesday, May 13th at 9:00 PM EDT 

Come take a tour of Beacon Hall and meet some of our members and officers! Join us beginning at 21:00 elven on Leyan the 13th of Ivastean in River's Rest Town Commons. Afterwards, we will play Bridge Jumping outside the Citadel. Anyone who sets the dial correctly will be promptly imploded.

Coordinator(s): Ahrairah and Kaldonis

Beacon Hall Explores the Ruined Tower

Friday, April 3rd at 9:00 PM EDT 

Ever wondered why there are strange aqueous creatures or a magical workshop in the Tower across Maelstrom Bay? Perhaps you would like to know what it was like in its days of grandeur, who built it, or what secrets it may hold. Beacon Hall Archive invites you to partake in a tale of the Ruined Tower, followed by a tour. Afterwards, we will gather in the Beacon Hall Magical Workshop and discuss the ins and outs and the benefits provided by such rooms, including imbedding, magical charging, scroll infusion, enchanting, and ensorcelling. As the Workshop is also a storage location for reagents, we will also review some finer points of alchemy. Anyone wishing to learn more, provide, or receive services is welcome to attend. Join us on the Day of the Huntress, the 3rd of Olaesta at 21:00 elven in Town Commons! (Friday, April 3rd at 9:00 PM EST.)

Coordinator(s): Ueru and Kaldonis

Beacon Hall Bi-monthly Tour and Games

Wednesday, 11th of March, 9:00 pm EST

Come take a tour of Beacon Hall and meet some of our members and officers! Join us beginning at 21:00 elven on Leyan the 11th of Charlatos in River's Rest Town Commons (Wednesday, March 11th, starting at 9pm EST). Afterwards, we will play Gem of Fate, the winner being awarded a large bag of gems (and losers still getting at least one gem each). The game venue will be the Beacon Hall Courtyard as usual. Tour and games are open to all--please don't feel shy!

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Romance in the Rest

Sunday, February 15th, 18:30 EST

Come celebrate the day of Voaris and Laethe with Beacon Hall Archive on Restday, the 15th of Fashanos, 5114 (Sunday, February 15th). Romance in the Rest will begin at 18:30 elven in the Beacon Hall Courtyard with a guessing game of things that go together, "Two's Company." From there, we will trek to Aeia's shrine in the Citadel Gardens for a discussion of the language of flowers to subtly communicate with your love or crush. Finally, we return to the Beacon Hall Terrace at 21:00 elven; grab someone special and join us at this year's Sweetheart Ball or show up to drink, snack, and chat with friends.

Coordinator(s): Kayse

Logs: Flower Lore

Beacon Hall Bi-monthly tour and games

Sunday, 4th of January, 4:00 pm EST 

Ever wondered where the Longship, Private Room, Attic, or Magical Workshop are located in Beacon Hall? Join us for a tour of the Archive the first Restday of Lormesta at 16:00 elven. Afterwards, you have the option to partake in one of the deadliest games ever imagined: Dodge the Void. If that sounds too risky, you can watch from the safety of our Gazebo, but you might get sprayed with a fine red mist or pelted with body parts. Tour and games are open to all---please don't feel shy!

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Logs: Dodge the Void 5115

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