Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 15 of the month Eoantos in the year 5120
(Sunday, November 15, 2020)


  • Frebble
  • Curator Sivath
  • Keeper Astru
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Hall Guardian Fyrentennimar
  • Chronicler Riverman
  • Vault Guardian Sarmoya


  • Brunches and after events happened
  • Brunches to continue as usual in Eorgaen

Winterfest plans

  • Gem of fate: start hoarding gems

Frontier Days

  • Ki'lin hunt successful
    • Vote to repay Kaldonis for cost of hunting horn prize (4 Aye, 0 Nay)
  • Last official Frontier Days this year, considering doing house-run event next year
    • Consensus to work with other houses to keep Frontier Days next year

Ornament contest

  • Dragon ornament, tentative design developed. Decision to be made outside meeting.

Minutes by Astru
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