What is beaconhall.net?

This website is a social group related with the game GemStone IV. Since it involves roleplaying, you can find a lot of nonsense and fiction here.

Where is the webserver?

It was hosted by Kaldonis on a Raspberry Pi in his apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is presently hosted on ec2 by AWS as he moves to Bucharest.

What engine does it use?

PukiWiki 1.5.1 © 2001-2016 PukiWiki Development Team. Powered by PHP 7.0.22. Apache/2.4.25 (Raspbian).

Originally, the website was hosted on an academic server in Tokyo, and PukiWiki only requires PHP to be installed on the server. This wiki engine is quite popular in Japan, but English documentation is sometimes lacking. Although we are considering to port to a more popular engine like MediaWiki, this engine is simple and is technically sufficient.

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