Aiea by Sarahoff

Long ago their was a great empire that spanned from coast to coast of the Elanthian continent. The Mortal Races were still recovering from the war against the hordes of undead. Many magicks were banned or lost to time; the ones that were left were weak even compared to the magicks of today.

The healers of the time were left without any magicks to help them or even the knowledge of today’s simple herbs. This was the Age of chaos in Elanthia and when the lands were ran by a single king that had his strings pulled by a council of 12 mages that ran everything from the Rivers Rest Citadel. The mages did not however get along and were constantly struggling against each other to vie for power. The empire was in chaos and would soon fall to a Fiery haired general of Arachne's armies who was later entrapped by Myron the Kobold, who trapped himself as well. The Empire now was shattered and no more the council had all departed to their own territories to fight for power there.

Out of this great civil unrest came a young woman with a small knowledge of the local flora. The town now known as Rivers Rest was in chaos from the political disbanding and also had many injured and dying from the war. This Woman was named Aeia and she did her best to heal the people of the lands. Aeia worked long and hard hours to serve the people and make heal them both from their sickness and their illnesses, but there were too many people for one woman to help.

As the drakes waited and watched the mortals to see if they would be strong enough to survive on their own, Aeia at last despaired and prayed to the goddess's Imaera and Lumnis for help and guidance. The goddess's agreed that this effort would be repaid in time and Descended to answer Aeia's prayers. The Goddess's taught Aeia of the full powers of the herbs she had always grown and how they needed to be cut and cultivated for full effects. Imaera even bestowed upon Aeia the gift of being able to take wounds from another and transfer them to her own body, Lumnis shared with her a bit of the lost magicks and Aeia found she could heal herself leaving only a trace of a wound. In time Aeia also learned that she could remove the scars like pieces of cloth being removed.

Aeia thanked the gods for their grace and proceeded to make a pilgrimage around the areas of Elanthia teaching what she could of the healing craft. Descendants of Aeia's followers became the first empaths and sought to heal a war torn land. What happened to Aeia after her pilgrimage is unclear but most believe she returned to her home in the rest where she finished up her mortal days.

Most believe that when her mortal body decayed her spirit chose to stay to watch over the Rest and take care of it. This idea is widely accepted as Rivers Rest is home to countless different types of flora and fauna. The area known as Aeia's garden is especially diverse do to the local belief of her statue being present there. A Ghostly Gardener seems to take care of the gardens which some believe to be Aeia's mortal consort who chose to stay with her even in death. My own beliefs lie in the fact that she still watches over us because of the great sense of love I get whenever I enter the gardens it is like a mother watching over me.

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