Amulet Holder Designs

  • a small lighthouse pendant
  • a delicate charm bracelet
    • Hanging from the thin silver chain are a series of charms including a one-eared rabbit, an aardvark, a flaming violet, a lighthouse and a book.
    • Charms for bracelet:
       a furry brown aardvark charm inlaid with turquoise stone.
       a furry grey one-eared rabbit charm inlaid with green tourmalines
       a flaming violet charm surrounded by amber
       an ivory lighthouse charm
       a crimson book inlaid with white coral
       a "I survived a BHA house tour" charm
       an alabaster lily charm surrounded by green sapphires
       a green pickle charm with a bite taken out of it

  • a small rainbow dragon pendant
    • the small rainbow dragon is leaning against a lighthouse, while holding up an old tome to read.

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