Astru is the youngest officer of Beacon Hall Archive at a mere 16 years of age.

Like all Aelotoi, she began her life on Bre'Naere and was brought through the portal to Elanthia by her mother. They briefly lived with a kindly Sylvan couple who helped them adjust to their new world. There, Astru learned how to speak Common and Elven as well as how to read and write. The Sylvan couple also taught her about useful plants and it was from them that she learned to love the forest.

After some time with the sylvans, Astru and her mother struck out on their own, gradually venturing venturing westward. However, during their journey, Astru's mother ran afoul of the law while raising money for the cart and ferry rides to cross the Dragonspine mountains. As a result, she was arrested in Zul Logoth and the authorities threatened to place Astru in an orphanage. Thus, at the age of 12, Astru began adventuring on her own, running away with the remaining coins she and her mother had raised and making the journey across the mountains by herself.

When Astru made it to the Vipershoud, she was unsure where to go and threatened by menacing creatures. Fortunately, Astru made the acquaintance of a friendly tiger who protected her from harm and she was able to make her way to Wehnimer's Landing. However, she was concerned that her earlier troubles would follow her there, so she moved on to Solhaven until she was able to make her way to River's Rest, which she has made her home.

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