[Beacon Hall, Staircase] - Pantry

a vial of winterberry ale (third ale)

a tiny chocolate lighthouse

a tall glass of water

some roasted corn-on-the-cob

a shot of Maelstrom rivershine

a lumpy pale green pickle

[Beacon Hall, Entry Hall] - Serving Cart

a tall glass of goat's milk



a flyrsilk ivory curtain

Room title

[Beacon Hall Annex, Lockers]

Room Description

Rich teal walls capped with vine carved zydris woodwork enclose the room. Set along the walls are several candles in colorful glass sconces. A wood framed painting is hung above a plush crimson divan piled high with pillows. The stone floor is covered with a luxurious burgundy carpet displaying an interwoven vine and flower pattern. Located at the center of the carpet is an olivewood pedestal table.

Garbage can

"a heavy ceramic pickle crock" (trash can)

LOOK: The wide-mouthed earthenware crock is plain apart from a single embossed word: "Moomph". The tangy scent of vinegar still hovers about the crock.


"a plush crimson divan"

LOOK: "A variety of plush pillows with a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors, present themselves for use, some of them at lopsided angles."

Three items

Item 1: "sconces"

LOOK: "A variety of familiar scenes are etched into the glass of the sconces."

Item 2: "an olive wood pedestal table"

LOOK: "A lovely vase of fresh wildflowers is centered upon the pedestal table. On the floor underneath sits a heavy ceramic pickle crock."

Item 3: "a wood framed painting"

LOOK: "Two gargoyles glare out at you from the picture, one at either end of a granite bar. A mongrel kobold stands behind the bar polishing a brandy snifter. Several empty tankards are scattered across the top of the bar."

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