After long last, the River’s Rest Way to Favor has been made clear to me. There may be others who have known this all along, but it is revelation to me. In the off chance I’ve not been the only one in the dark (primarily over River’s Rest), enclosed are the following steps to gaining favor. Please note that our local one-armed bandit (cough)… erm, Lord Eonak accepts all gems (only) at face value only, and no more that I’ve noticed. As an afterthought, I decided to add the steps to Icemule and the Landing as well. If I’m wrong and the Gods strike you down for your insolence, my apologies…

River's Rest (Thanks Moswell!)

Just outside the Sanctuary Entrance

  • Kneel
  • Look in Pool (twice)
  • Touch Pool
  • Put (Gems) in Pool
  • Touch Pool
  • Touch Flower
  • Get Seed
  • Plant Seed

Wehnimer's Landing


  • Go Black Arch
  • Go Tapestry
  • Hit Chime with Mallet (twice)
  • Kneel
  • Drop (Items)
  • Hit Chime with Mallet

Icemule Trace


  • Search Flow
  • Open Door
  • Go Door
  • Close Door
  • Pull Chain
  • Open Drawer
  • Put (Items) In Drawer
  • Close Drawer

The common requirement for figuring the amount of tithes required is:

100 sp value per level + 100 sp value per favor already possessed + goodwill offering of 101 sp value

(ie: adventurer with three trainings and two favors would offer sp value totaling 601 or more.)

For River’s Rest

  • Offer gems only at face value only in accordance with the guidance above.

For Landing

  • Gems are valued at roughly 3x their face value for offering. (ie: 1 gem worth 100 sp at face value is roughly equivalent to 300 sp value for offering in the Temple)

For Icemule

  • The Gods here will take nearly anything they can get. I don’t have a clue as to the value of the items, or which will be accepted as offerings, though the above computation undoubtedly holds some resemblance of the truth. Best I can say is grab your first two Favors and head for warmer climate!

Again, may the Gods have mercy on your souls…

Maelkyth Loarne, Empath

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