Flower Lore

Event log from day Restday, the 15th of Fashanos, 5115.  Aeia's Shrine, River's Rest.

[Citadel, Gardens]
Lined with tile, a large pool rests in the center of the citadel's garden. A statue carved in the likeness of Aeia, a local goddess of the earth, stands in the middle of the pool. The water that feeds the pool seeps forth from the base of the statue.
Also here: Arastil, Teasurii, Light Keeper Jersea, Kirryk, Ueru, Ahrairah, Chira, Orssus, Great Lady Augierose, Chancellor Kaldonis, Grutek, Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar, Aceso, Storyteller Kayse, Keeper Astru.
Obvious paths: southeast, southwest, northwest

An oval mahogany cart comes rolling slowly into the room and stops.

Kayse asks, "Here?"

Kayse slowly empties her lungs.

Chira gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Astru softly says, "Sure."

Arastil reaches out and touches a large pool.

Astru softly says, "It's a nice spot."

Grutek glances at a large pool.

Kayse leans down and pushes on the hand brake until it clicks. A good shove with her foot locks the cart into place.

Chira sits down next to a large pool.

Arastil sits down next to a large pool.

Grutek says, "Ah'm not goin swimmin."

Kayse says, "You all can have a seat if you like.

Chira pulls Orssus closer to herself.

Aceso sits down.

Speaking quietly to Grutek, Arastil says, "Just keep your clothes on."

Orssus sits down next to Chira.

Grutek asks, "Seat... for?"

Kirryk plops down to the ground in a sitting position.

Orssus smiles.

Astru takes a drink from her winterberry ale.

Kirryk just opened a silvery pale violet half-cloak embroidered in sylvan runes.

Orssus hugs Chira, who wraps him in a warm embrace.

Kaldonis removes a dead rabbit from in his marbrinus purse.

Speaking to Grutek, Kayse says, "The story..."

Astru sits down.

Crossing his legs at the ankles, Kaldonis slowly lowers himself to the ground and sits tailor fashion.

Kirryk put a ruby-inlaid maoral flower press bound with black linen straps in her pale violet half-cloak.

Teasurii sits down.

Kaldonis gives his dead rabbit a warm hug, causing a hideous dark substance to ooze out all over his shoulder.

Kirryk just closed a silvery pale violet half-cloak embroidered in sylvan runes.

Kayse gives a sidelong glance at Kaldonis.

Fyrentennimar says, "The meteor storm."

Kirryk loosens the drawstrings of her tapestry weave pack, opening it.

Fyrentennimar says, "Or story."

Kirryk put a small sack in her tapestry weave pack.

Teasurii takes a bite of her Moomph pickle sandwich.

Kirryk pulls on the drawstrings of her tapestry weave pack, closing it tightly.

Grutek says, "Ah don't undress in public miss."

Kayse pokes Fyrentennimar in the ribs.

Orssus smiles at Chira.

Grutek sits down.

Fyrentennimar grunts.

Fyrentennimar sits down.

Kaldonis helps himself to a goat cheese-stuffed celery stick.

Kayse pours herself a tankard of winterberry ale.

Grutek takes a drink from his winterberry tea.

Kayse takes a drink from her winterberry ale.

Orssus gives Chira a lingering kiss.

Chira leans softly against Orssus.

Arastil takes a drink from his winterberry ale.

Kayse carefully places a tankard of winterberry ale on the ground.

Arastil gazes fondly at Jersea.

Astru takes a bite of her Moomph pickle sandwich.

(Kaldonis shoves the celery stick in the dead rabbit's mouth.)

Chira stares off into space.

Kayse stares at Kaldonis.

Chira takes a tiny sip of her winterberry tea, warming her lips and making sure it's cool enough to drink.

Kaldonis indicates his dead rabbit with a smile.

Kayse distractedly says, "I'm just going to...um....begin."

Orssus deeply says, "Good idea."

Kayse gives a sidelong glance at Kaldonis.

Chira beams happily at Kayse!

Orssus grins at Kayse.

Chira takes a deep breath.

Kaldonis pets his dead rabbit. It does not react in any way.

Speaking quietly to Kaldonis, Arastil says, "I don't think that's going to bring it back."

Kaldonis beams happily at Kayse!

Speaking to Kaldonis, Grutek says, "That's from sniffin glue."

Kayse fondly says, "Love can be shown and expressed in many ways. Whether it's love for a family member, a close friend, or someone who has stolen your heart, love can be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world."

Chira clasps her hand over her mouth.

Astru takes a drink from her winterberry ale.
Her face flushes and her eyes water.

Kayse smiles to herself and removes a seed from her supplies bag and rubs the seed between her thumb and index finger.

Kaldonis hoarsely says, "Yeah, he has all the glue he wants in the purse."

Kayse tenderly says, "Love is a lot like a flower. It starts off as a seed and begins to grow. When you meet someone those feelings begin to bud, possibly growing into something you didn't expect."

Chira glances at Orssus.

Kayse kneels down.

(Kayse digs a small hole in the dirt with her hands and drops the seed into it. Pushing the excess dirt back into the hole, she pats it down a few times with the palms of her hands.)

Chira snuggles Orssus, who responds by cradling an arm around her.

Chira turns an inquisitive ear toward Kayse.

Kayse says, "The love that flowers requires patience and effort to nurture and maintain.

(Kayse takes a watering can from the inside of her supplies bag and pours a few drops onto the fresh dirt pile, then places the watering can on the ground.)

Orssus grins.

Kayse stands up.

Kayse smiles as she dusts off her hands and knees then returns her gaze to the group.

Kaldonis gobbles down a big bite of his celery stick.

Kaldonis gobbles down his celery stick in one enormous bite.

Kayse informs, "It is only fitting that the similarities between love and flowers exist, since many of them have meanings about love associated with them. A simple red rose can say "I love you" and a blue violet can communicate a "friendship."

Kayse removes a small violet from in her raw silk cloak.

Ueru says, "Love is a potion that one must sip, if drank completely.. It would make one become drunk without power and ends up often being woken up with a black eye.."

Kayse offers Augierose a small violet.

Arastil blinks at Ueru.

Ueru says, "Lets just say she told me twice."

Ueru winks.

Speaking to Ueru, Kayse says, "It's not your turn to tell a story."

Kayse grins.

Orssus chuckles.

Ueru says, "Oh I'm sorry."

Ueru whistles tunelessly to himself.

(Kayse places the flower next to Augierose.)

Kayse carefully places a small violet on the ground.

Kayse comments, "There's no time period associated with this tale, no corresponding historical events, but merely a fable of how love blossoms between two people."

Kaldonis touches one finger to his lips.

Kayse solemnly adds, "And how it can sometimes be misinterpreted."

Kaldonis removes a dingy red rose from in his marbrinus purse.

Grutek pours himself some herbal winterberry tea.

Kaldonis puts on a dingy red rose.
Kaldonis suddenly disappears.

Kayse stares off into space.

Kayse begins, "Over the eastern Dragonspine, just outside the lush fields of Ta'Loenthra, a noble and proud Elven family by the name of Fosetell'ae spent their summers at a beautiful but modest chateau."

Kayse introduces, "The family consisted of: Tyriel, a prominent Elven politician, who often lent his council to the King and Queen; his wife Krystia, a rather well known mage around the time; and their five year old daughter Caelynne.

Chira smiles at Kayse.

Kayse adds, "Two others also lived on the estate full time; Rogarde, a human farmer, who was responsible for the upkeep of the orchards, fields, and the house; and his five year old half-elf son, Vituran. Although, he was a half-elf, Vit spoke not a word of Elven, since his mother had died in childbirth and was never able to teach him. Rogarde also only knew a few phrases of Elven so the Elven family was forced to speak common with the caretaker--something Tyriel hated deeply but tolerated it."

Chira raises an eyebrow.

Chira nods.

Kayse playfully says, "Considering they were the only two children on the property, Caelynne and Vituran were destined to become friends. Playing tag, frockling through the fields, and causing trouble as children should never seemed to cause any problems between the two. Yet issues arose when the two would want to communicate to each other."

Grutek frowns.

Kayse sternly explains, "Tyriel had decided that Caelynne didn't need to learn common yet since she was so young. He wanted his daughter to perfect the Elven tongue before she took on a second language, so when it came down to Vit and Caelynne communicating, they had to come up with their own way of doing things."

Kayse folds her wings across her back.

Arastil smiles at Kayse.

Kayse says, "Through her parents discussions, Caelynne knew Vit was a half-elf who didn't speak Elven, so she decided to take it upon herself to teach him the language. The lessons were slow and painful, but surprisingly Vit was a quick learner. Caelynne taught him the necessary words she thought were important to any five year old: "Cookies," "No," "Yes," "I'm right, you're wrong," "May I go outside?" and "How much longer till we get there?"

Grutek takes a moment to observe Kayse.

Arastil chuckles.

Kayse appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Chira chuckles.

Kayse nods knowingly.

Kayse says, "On the eve before the family was to head back to the city, Vit showed up on the front porch of the chateau and knocked on the door. Tyriel answered and stood there waiting to be addressed and to his surprise in horrible butchered elven Vit greeted him. Caelynne came to the door and pushed her father aside, a huge grin upon her face."

Chira flashes a wide grin.

Chira takes a drink from her winterberry tea.

Kayse sheepishly says, "Vit blushed and revealed a purple orchid from behind his back and presented it to Caelynne. Not knowing the elven word for "beauty" Vit muttered it in common. Caelynne glanced up at her father, who sighed and rolled his eyes, and reluctantly told her in Elven. Caelynne's eyes lit up amazed at what she had just received and learned. Saying a quick thank you to Vit, she ran down the hall to find her mother."

Kayse sheepishly says, "Vit blushed and revealed a purple orchid from behind his back and presented it to Caelynne. Not knowing the elven word for "beauty" Vit muttered it in common. Caelynne glanced up at her father, who sighed and rolled his eyes, and reluctantly told her in Elven. Caelynne's eyes lit up amazed at what she had just received and learned. Saying a quick thank you to Vit, she ran down the hall to find her mother."

Kayse smiles.

Kayse amusedly says, "Krystia was in the study, as she often was, as Caelynne came running in waving the orchid. She explained her gift to her mother excitedly who responded back equally excited and amused at her daughter's newly found discovery. Krystia scanned the book shelf and upon finding the book she needed, grabbed it off the shelf and took a seat in a plush leather armchair. She motioned Caelynne to come join her on her lap."

Arastil snuggles up to Jersea, resting his head on her shoulder.

Kayse tenderly says, "Caelynne snuggled up to her mother as Krystia opened the book to reveal every flower you could find in Elanthia. Caelynne gazed wide eyed as she flipped through the pictures trying to find her flower. Upon finding the orchid, although disappointed it wasn't the EXACT purple one she had just received, Krystia read her the passage that was next to the picture."

Chira turns an inquisitive ear toward Kayse.

Kayse shifts her weight.

Kayse says, "Krystia explained to her daughter that many flowers have meanings and in a sense have their own language. Fascinated that Vit was trying to teach her a new language as well, Caelynne asked if her mother would help her pick out a flower for Vit."

Chira glances at a small violet.

(Kayse removes a brown leather book from her supplies bag and frantically begins flipping through pages.)

Kayse says, "Krystia smiled and nodded at her daughter, who squealed and began haphazardly turning pages and giggling. Tyriel stood in the doorway as the two females scanned the book, a scowl resting on his face."

Kayse scowls.

Kayse excitedly says, "As the sun arose the next day, Caelynne was already dressed and burst out the front door of the chateau. She scoured the fields for the flower her mother and her had found and upon finding it, sprinted back to Vit's hut where he lived."

Kayse smiles as she turns her attention towards the garden, tucking the book under her arm, she quickly selects a blue violet. Using her free hand, she pretends to knock on a door, her right foot stomping in sync with her "knocks." After knocking thrice, she confidently holds out the flower in front of her.

Grutek says, "Ah got a bad feelin about this Tyriel fella."

Kayse nods slowly at Grutek.

Kayse proudly says, "Caelynne pounded on the door of the hut and a half asleep Vit answered the door slightly puzzled. Caelynne hadn't thought this part through, since she didn't speak common, so instead she just stood there and held out a blue violet triumphantly in front of her."

Arastil agrees with Grutek.

Arastil leans on Jersea, giving her a companionable grin.

Kayse informs, "Being the son of a farmer and having been taught the language of every flower in the World, Vit knew immediately what the blue violet meant. He snatched the flower from her hand and in common confidently said, "Friendship." Caelynne furrowed her brow, but as Vit pulled her in for a hug, Caelynne realized he had understood her message and smiled."

Chira glances at Grutek.

Teasurii ponders.

(Kayse tucks the violet into her coat and shifts the book from under her arm to her left hand.)

Astru gently rubs the orange tiger on the head and neck.

Chira glances at Kayse.

Kayse lovingly says, "As the summers came and went, the friendship between the elf and the half-elf began to blossom. The language barrier between the two faded over time, but that hadn't stopped the two from communicating in the way they each preferred. Each summer, they would greet and say goodbye with a new flower that reminded the other of qualities the recipient possessed or a feeling they had towards the person."

Speaking to Chira, Grutek says, "Ah've met men like him a time or two."

Chira takes a deep breath.

Teasurii pets the woodchuck.

Chira fidgets.

Kirryk smiles.

Kayse darkly says, "Krystia encouraged her daughter's playfulness and friendship with Vit, but the bond growing between Caelynne and Vit only worried Tyriel. As an Elven politician, having his daughter possibly fall in love with a half-elf would look horrible for his career. He decided that the year Caelynne turned eighteen, things had to change."

Kayse furrows her brow.

Kayse says, "Vit had gotten up early to look for the perfect flower for Caelynne. Today she was leaving for the summer, but it was also her eighteenth birthday and he wanted it to be special. Over the thirteen years he had known her, their friendship had only grown and become even more special. He had never been in love before, but he was sure that this is exactly what was happening."

Chira slowly empties her lungs.

Arastil scratches his fingernails at Jersea.

Kayse happily says, "Caelynne was also having the same feelings as Vit and she felt if any time was perfect to tell him, it was today. She had never been more confident about anything in her life, she truly was in love with him."

Kayse nods slowly at Grutek.

Grutek says, "Ah see where this is goin..."

Chira leans softly against Orssus.

Kayse says, "Vit sealed his flowers in an envelope and wrote Caelynne's name on it. He had decided on two flowers since it was her birthday and all. Caelynne had ventured out to the gardens and found a red rosebud which meant, "a confession of love."

Orssus smiles at Chira.

Speaking to Chira, Grutek says, "Get your tissues ready."

Chira flails her arms about.

Kayse chuckles.

Orssus chuckles.

Kirryk grins at Grutek.

Arastil sniffs.

Kayse suspiciously says, "While Caelynne was off in the gardens, Tyriel answered the door when Vit had arrived. Tyriel explained that he would take the envelope from Vit and give it to Caelynne since she wasn't feeling well. Thinking this was odd, but not wanting to cross her father, Vit reluctantly gave his envelope to Tyriel."

Kayse inwardly sighs.

Orssus shakes his head.

Jersea winces.

Kayse darkly says, "Taking careful note to open the envelope without disrupting it too much, Tyriel removed the two flowers; a sprig of lilac and a bleeding heart. He decided to keep the bleeding heart inside and replaced the lilac with butterfly weed. The message now had a completely different meaning and Tyriel sealed the envelope back up."

Chira softly says, "Oh no."

Jersea says, "This just ..."

Arastil rubs Jersea gently.

Kayse shakes her head, totally at a loss.

Kayse angrily says, "Tyriel also made sure to tamper with the flower guide that Caelynne had often used to pick out flowers. The bleeding heart actually had two separate meanings and he couldn't risk Caelynne thinking Vit meant one thing, when Tyriel wanted her to think another. Under the bleeding heart section, Tyriel ripped out the alternate meaning, leaving only the passage about being heartbroken."

Chira's lower lip trembles slightly.

Astru frowns.

You hear someone gasp.

Orssus rubs Chira tenderly.

Kayse says, "Caelynne rushed through the front door and began climbing up the stairs when Tyriel stopped her. He mentioned Vit hadn't been feeling well, but wanted to drop off the flowers before going to rest. Caelynne looked concerned but eagerly approached her father and grabbed the envelope. Tyriel mentioned casually that Vit wanted her to open it right away and to not wait."

Grutek says, "Pure evil. Man shoulda been born a Nalfien."

Grutek adopts an agreeable expression.

Chira sniffs.

Chira adopts an agreeable expression.

Kayse comments, "Probably was."

Kayse shrugs her shoulders, lifting her wings slightly.

Kayse chuckles.

Kayse concernedly says, "Caelynne grinned and ripped open the envelope, quickly removing the two flowers, she ran into the study to consult the book. Krystia watched worriedly from the doorway, for her husband had told her his plan and she was about to see her daughter's heart break. Although, in her mind she couldn't betray her husband by revealing what he had done."

Kirryk mutters, "Betray the lout."

Chira places a hand over her heart.

Orssus rolls his eyes.

Kayse confusedly asks, "Flipping through the book, Caelynne first looked up bleeding heart and wrinkled her nose as she read, "heartbroken." Thinking the two flowers meant something together, she flipped a few pages ahead to find butterfly weed. The excitement quickly faded from her smile and eyes, as she read about butterfly weed and whispered the words "let me go free." Her eyes welled up with tears as she glanced up at her mother and asked, "He doesn't love me?"

Grutek says, "Mother's got no spine either."

Chira breathes in slightly.

(Kayse flips back and forth between two pages in her book, taking a moment to glance at each one, as if taking in every word written on each page.)

Jersea bites her lip.

Kayse woundedly says, "Caelynne was in shock and kept rereading the passages to see if she was missing something. Instead of going to find Vit, she was completely embarrassed for thinking he also cared about her as well and kept to her room until they were to depart."

Chira leans forward.

Kayse miserably says, "Vit had run up to the family as they were leaving, Caelynne couldn't even look at him, she got into the wagon and didn't utter a word. Tyriel sneered at Vit and told him how dare he break his daughter's heart and that he would never see her again. Vit visibly destroyed, watched his friend and love leave the chateau never to return."

Kayse glances away.

Chira's jaw drops.

Chira stares at Kayse.

Kayse just nudged Chira.

Arastil sighs.

Chira says, "There's more right..."

Orssus mutters the_end.

Orssus chuckles.

Teasurii gawks at Kayse.

Speaking to Chira, Kayse says, "It's not over yet."

Chira makes a wheezing sound.

Chira sniffs.

Kayse sadly continues, "Twenty years had gone by, and like most things, time does heal most wounds. Caelynne had moved on with her life and found a new love and had two children of her own--but she never forgot Vit. Though she had other troubles now, her mother, recently became ill and was on her death bed."

Kayse spitefully says, "Tyriel had become too wrapped up in his career to even bother with that fact his wife was dying and had rarely even come to take care of her. Krystia was keeping her vows to support her husband, yet he wasn't keeping his, so she decided to tell Caelynne the truth about what her father had done twenty years ago."

Orssus sarcastically says, "Great guy geeze."

Kayse grins at Orssus.

Chira clasps her hand over her mouth.

Kayse says, "Caelynne stood in disbelief, but her mother was not one to lie. Krystia begged that she travel back to the chateau as her last dying wish. Krystia told Caelynne she would only live with regret if she never found out what Vit really was trying to tell her that day. Caelynne reluctantly agreed to go."

Kayse somberly says, "The sun was just rising when Caelynne had reached the orchards and fields outside of Ta'Loenthra, where she discovered the chateau had changed drastically since her childhood. No longer was the rustic charm of the building preserved, nor the fields plowed, or the gardens kept."

Jersea hangs her head.

Kayse frowns.

Kayse says, "An elderly human woman opened the front door, a smile crossed her face as she greeted Caelynne. Her face was worn from the sun, but her hazel eyes still merry. The elven woman introduced herself politely and explained that her father once owned the estate and that she was looking for the boy and the man who used to care for the property."

Kayse shuffles her feet.

Kayse wistfully says, "The human looked off into the distance, as if looking at something, and returned her gaze to Caleynne's, her eyes no longer showing the merriment she moments ago possessed. Caelynne noticed the sudden change in the woman's disposition and the sorrow that suddenly filled her wrinkled eyes."

Chira's lower lip trembles slightly.

Chira pulls Orssus closer to herself.

Grutek says, "He did himself in."

Kayse sorrowfully says, "The woman began to speak and Caelynne's heart sank, a breathless "no" escaping from her lips as she sank to the ground on her knees. The woman explained that the boy had passed away a few years back from an unknown disease, some rumored that he had died of a broken heart. The father mourned his son and could no longer take care of the property on his own and had to leave."

Jersea bites her lip.

Orssus rubs Chira tenderly.

Chira gasps.

Kirryk says, "Aw..."

Teasurii sniffs.

Arastil hangs his head.

Kayse regretfully says, "The past twenty years had been nothing but whatifs for Caelynne when she thought about Vit. After receiving the glimmer of hope she had gotten from her mother, she had assumed all would be well. In a worse case scenario, she had thought that even if Vit had moved on and didn't love her, she would at least get to see him again. She was heartbroken and crushed yet again, but now he would never know how she truly felt about him."

Jersea sobs.

Teasurii attends to her thick-rimmed eyeglasses, making the eyeglasses as presentable as possible.

Kayse places a hand over her heart.

Arastil pulls on Jersea, trying to get her closer.

Kayse says, "Caelynne stood outside of Vituran's hut, her blue eyes now puffy and red, and her cheeks freshly coated with tears. She took a deep breath and stepped forward pushing slowly on the door as it squeaked open. Cobwebs coated the corners, while dust danced on the sunbeams that shined through the door's entrance."

Chira closes her eyes for a moment.

Arastil rubs Jersea gently.

Kirryk nods at Teasurii.

Kayse smiles softly and opens her book to the cover page. She raises the book up displaying two words written in elven in child like hand writing.

Fyrentennimar asks, "And she finds his ghost and together they kill her father?"

Chira beams happily at Fyrentennimar!

Chira glances at Kayse.

Kayse says, "Walking to a table centered in the room, Caelynne approached it and noticed a worn leather book amongst the clutter. Turning to the first page, revealed the names "Vituran & Caelynne" poorly handwritten in elven, as if a child had written them."

Orssus chuckles.

(Kayse flips to the second page while still holding the book up displaying a flower on each side of the pages.)

Kayse says, "Caelynne blinked in surprise and quickly flipped to the second page, on the left was a pressed orchid with the meaning written underneath in the same poor handwriting. On the right was the first flower Caelynne had given to Vit, a blue violet. Flipping to the next page, Vit's second flower he had ever given her sat opposite of the second flower she had ever given him, each with the flower s meaning beneath it."

(Kayse brings the book down in front of her and scans the pages as if looking for a specific one. She eventually stops turning pages and holds up the book to reveal two more flowers, before bringing the book down in her arms.)

Kayse says, "Caelynne skipped a few pages and found a snow pansy Vit had given her before she left for the summer one year, which meant "think of me" and side by side was the Bougainvillea she had given him in exchange to show the "playfulness" they had in their relationship."

(Kayse stares at the pages, her blank expression slowly forms into a look of excitement as she flips through the pages quickly.)

Kayse uncertainly says, "Staring at the two flowers, Caelynne's eyes suddenly widened and she frantically began turning the pages of the book, being careful to not disrupt the flowers or tear the pages."

Chira squints.

(Kayse pauses her search abruptly, taking a beat, she slowly glances up.)

Jersea gulps.

Kayse says, "Thirteen years of pages and her frantic turning suddenly halted. Caelynne bit her lip as she realized what was in front of her. On Vit's side sat two flowers, first a lilac and written in perfect scripted elven the words, "first emotion of love" next to a bleeding heart that said, "longing." Caelynne's side was blank."

(Kayse holds the book up to display the two pages, as she brings the book down in her arms, she runs a hand over the blank page and sighs before closing the book and tucking it back under her arm.)

Arastil sniffs.

Jersea closes her eyes for a moment.

Kayse says, "She sat in silence, perhaps not knowing what to do, when suddenly she cocked her head and taking the filled pages under her thumb, quickly fanned through them, her frown slowly curving into a smile as she watched the flowers flash before her eyes."

Teasurii sniffs.

Kayse grins slowly.

Kayse excitedly says, "Caelynne bolted out of the hut and took off sprinting through the fields, as if channeling her five year old self for strength. The old woman had said that Vit had been buried under one of the Oak trees in one of the further orchards and Caelynne wanted to locate the grave."

Kayse breathlessly says, "Finding his grave proved to be difficult at first, since it was hidden beneath the weeds and overgrowth, but Caelynne, now breathless from her run, found herself standing in front of it, a wistful expression on her face."

(Kayse kneels down, places the book on the ground, and begins tending the garden--picking a few weeds and cleaning up the area. She pauses for a moment and wipes her brow with her forearm.)

Kayse says, "It was late afternoon and the sun was the hottest it would be for the day and Caelynne began clearing the area around the grave. She pulled weeds, cleared debris, and raked the dirt to make it soft again around the tombstone. Upon raiding Vit's father's supplies shed, she was lucky to find a variety of flower seeds and tools to help turn her plan into a reality."

(Kayse opens the book out in front of her and plucks an amaranth and a spring of rosemary from the garden. Laying the two flowers side by side on a random page, she quickly slams the book and leans forward on the cover of it, smooshing the flowers between the pages.)

Kayse fondly says, "The sun had almost set as Caelynne finished her project, but she needed to make one more stop in one of the fields before returning home. She picked two flowers and set them inside of the book. Slamming the cover hard, she wrapped a scarf around the outside to keep the book closed. With a heavy heart, she began her journey home."

Kayse says, "After a few days of being home, Caelynne sat down at her desk with Vit's book. She removed the pressed flowers from inside and opened to the last page that Vit had logged his flowers. Taking some glue she carefully placed her two flowers on "her" page, an amaranth and rosemerry."

Kayse smiles as she opens the book, turning it around she shows off the book displaying the amaranth and rosemary with scripted elven written underneath each one.

Kayse says, "Grabbing a quill off her desk, she dipped it into some black ink, and wrote the words in scripted elven, "everlasting love" and "remembrance."

(Kayse slowly closes the book and tucks it back into her supplies bag.)

(Jersea sniffles.)

Kayse says, "Caelynne would never forget Vit, in fact, every summer she returned to the chateau to pay her respects and spend time with him. No longer was the grave surrounded by weeds, but now a magnificent garden took their place.

Chira's lower lip trembles slightly.

Chira holds back her tears, her eyes glistening with pain.

Orssus rubs Chira tenderly.

Teasurii attends to her thick-rimmed eyeglasses, making the eyeglasses as presentable as possible.

Orssus hugs Chira, who wraps him in a warm embrace.

Chira turns to face Orssus.

Chira sniffs.

Chira sniffs.

Kayse says, "You see, on that hot summer day, Caelynne had planted every flower Vit and her ever exchanged and each one had grown and blossomed as a reminder of how beautiful and loving their friendship once was."

Kayse says, "The end."

Kayse smiles.

Chira sniffs.

Aceso applauds.

Arastil smiles at Kayse.

Astru grins.

Aceso turns to Kayse and cheers!

You hear someone cheering!

Fyrentennimar asks, "No killing the father?"

Chira just nudged Kayse.

Teasurii applauds Kayse.

Fyrentennimar sighs.

Chira applauds Kayse.

Astru applauds Kayse.

Ahrairah smiles.

Chira says, "Well done."

Kayse pokes Fyrentennimar in the ribs.

Fyrentennimar applauds.

Kirryk applauds Kayse.

Kaldonis suddenly fades into view.

Ueru nods.

Arastil gives Kayse a friendly hug.

Speaking to Fyrentennimar, Teasurii says, "That's next years story."

Speaking deeply to Fyrentennimar, Orssus says, "That's in part two."

Aceso stands up.

Chira says, "Save that story for Ebon's Gate."

Fyrentennimar says, "Oh goody."

Chira nods at Fyrentennimar.

Kayse chuckles.

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