• Is the greatest warrior of all time
  • Almost hugged Kaldonis to death


You see Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar Ancientwurm.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He is very tall and appears to be senescent. He has blue eyes and tanned skin. He has long, dark brown hair.
He has a tattoo of cerulean blue lines in a complex crescent-edged tribal pattern on his arm, a circular blue tribal tattoo on his neck, a coiled blue dragon tattoo on his leg, and a coiled gold dragon tattoo on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a vial of winterberry ale in his right hand and a fried blood eagle leg in his left hand.
He is wearing a dusty black wide-brimmed hat, a gleaming golden topaz earcuff, a whorled white crystal pendant, a rune-etched dragonfire opal necklace, a golvern wolf's head medal, a dragon-shaped darkly hooded greatcloak, a torn cerulean jacket, an emerald-eyed platinum dragon armband, a silver brooch, a mithglin wolf's head medal, a brightly-hued toy parrot, a ruby-set iron toadstool medal, a small swamp rose, a smiling black panther mask, a silver-scaled drake brooch set with tiny ruby flames, a faenor wolf's head medal, a faenor wolf's head medal, an alexandrite wolf's head medal, a sapphire star-shaped pin, a silver Huntress symbol, a dragonfire opal hatpin, a dark grey onyx-buttoned vest, a rearing dragon-crested tabard, some tattered silk gloves, an ivory Beacon Hall Archive pin, a pair of polished steel-framed spectacles with blue-tinted lenses, a nondescript steel artifact, a rune-etched weapons sling, a duffel bag, a buckskin tunic, a leather crafter's apron, some polished golden rolaren plate, a thick applewood band, some gleaming silver dragon finger-armor, a marquise-cut dragonfire opal band, a twisted gold ring, an opal-buckled black leather belt, an ora-rimmed drinking horn, a crude mithril dragon buckle, a well-crafted maoral-handled mithril forging-hammer, a topaz studded crushed silk satchel, a forest green kilt, some grey and black plaid moggans, some dark red skull-tooled boots, and an oak brown wall shield.

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