a rusty catapult badge

  • The badge displays a catapult creaking with corrosion and choked with weeds. The contraption sports a woven metallic basket, also in similarly bad shape. On closer inspection, the basket seems to be even rustier and more reddish than the rest of the catapult, especially on the inside.


a broken bridge badge

  • The bridge is a swirling mess of wood, ropes, and pulleys that seems to be simultaneously buckling, collapsing, and breaking apart. Clearly visible are several levers and a wheel. Helming the wheel, with his hands on the levers, a heavily encumbered halfling's face is rapt in mad glee as he and his fellow adventurers plummet to certain doom.




Dodge the Void

I'm not sure about any of these, but thought I would start brainstorming. Of course when reading any of them, it would say "Winner, BHA, <insert game>"

 a dark void badge surround by swirling grey wisps of wind 
 a dark void badge 
  • The void is made up of obsidian and is surrounded by wisps of grey and white glaes to represent wind swirling around it's center. Haphazardly throughout the design, different objects are scattered throughout the wind as if flying around the center of the void to avoid being sucked in.
    • There appears to be something written on it.
    • In the Common language, it reads:
    • Winner, Beacon Hall Archives - Dodge the Void
  • I like this design. Jersea
a black/vortex/badge set on a sparse field of scarlet
  • A pinwheel of void black is set at the focus of this quaint badge, surrounded by a chaotic pattern of blood red speckles. At the far edges of the badge, you descry oblong renditions of various objects: a battle axe here, perhaps a tankard of ale impinging on a suit of armor there, several treasure boxes, along with daggers and cutlery of all sorts.

More stuff Kaldonis found on his computer

a smugly satisfied sorcerer badge
a stylized black void badge 
a massive gelatinous lump of flesh badge
a bloody lump badge
a mutilated bloody stump badge
  • Read: Winner Beacon Hall Archive - Dodge the Void "THE SKY IS FALLING!"

Dock/Bridge Jumping

  a wooden bridge badge with a gnome jumping off of it in a canonball position
  a wooden dock badge surrounded by a river of blue sapphires
  a wooden dock badge 
  • The dock is made of oak and has been constructed to look rickety and old, the wood faded from the sun. Jetting out over a body of water made of various shades and pieces of blue sapphires, the edge of the dock displays a gnome leaping midair into the water, his nose plugged and a look of terror on his face.
  • There appears to be something written on it.
  • In the Common language, it reads:
  • Winner, Beacon Hall Archives - Dock diving
a shiny ship badge with its enormous prow crushing a tiny skull replica

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