The box can be under the bench. The notice can be on the box?

a blood-stained remedy box

look box

Hanging on the the box you see an IMPORTANT notice.

an IMPORTANT notice

look notice

The notice appears to have IMPORTANT information, with obvious references to maiming, death, and games. You should READ it.

read notice


Please be advised, some games which are hosted by Beacon Hall may result in minor injury, vast corporeal maiming, death, or even vaporization. The host of the event will be sure to advise you if the above dangers and following rules may apply to a given game. Be forewarned of these dangers! Beacon Hall does not take responsibility for anything!

If injured, whether you are dead or alive, you cannot receive aid from an empath unless you are yourself an empath. To cope with your injuries, you may receive first aid, use herbal remedies (including alchemy tinctures), scrolls, or other such magical items.

If deceased, you cannot be raised by another cleric or paladin by their normal means. You can be lifekept, aided by Saltwater Sal, raised via scrolls or magic items, or decay at your leisure.

Failure to follow these rules is a serious violation of the spirit of the games, and may also incur additional external penalization for doing so. It is your duty to inform others assisting you that your state was incurred by playing a game and by what means they may assist you.


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