This year's theme is the river/bay and sea faring vessels around River's Rest. The answers can be found wandering around town, along the river, along the coasts and so on. There is very little danger in finding most of the answers.

Where can you find the ship "Midwinter's Fancy"?

What year was the Chaston II launched?

From which dock can you see kingfishers?

From where can you observe croaking frogs, splashing fish and a heron?

Where can one find the inscription "It is not enough to steer your boat well. It must also be steered wisely."?

Where can you find a seascape showing Maelstrom Bay in fog?

From where can you see the entire southern approach to River's Rest?

Where can you see a lizard sunning itself?

Where can you hear waterbirds?

What "is the lifeblood of Elanith" and what is "the heart", according to a mosaic?

Where is there a "saltwater corkindrill"?

Where can you find the remnants of an old stone dock?

Where is the old River Port?

Where is the sound of the river muted by masses of mushrooms?

What image is engraved on the prow of the long ship?

What is the name of the long ship?

When you turn the orb northeast, what do you see?

Which krolvin perform postmortem dentistry?

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