This page details the CHE pin available to all members. These pins are functionally identical to the ones available to members of any CHE, but we detail the functionality here for reference

an ivory Beacon Hall Archive pin

These can be purchased at the Entry Hall from the small oak counter for 5,000 silvers. These do not degrade with time, so bar losing it, they are permanently functional.

Here is how they work:

  • Find your locker Annex!
    • To activate, TURN the pin while wearing it in town. Poof it will take you to your locker (except in River's Rest)
  • Teleportation to Beacon Hall once a month from any town (cross-realm)
    • To activate, simply TAP the pin while wearing it.
      • You pause, knowing that tapping your pin will teleport you to Beacon Hall Archive. You also realize that this item will have a thirty-day cooling down period after use. Considering this, you know you can simply tap the item again within 30 seconds if this is truly what you wish to do.
    • To check if or when teleportation feature can be activated, ANALYZE it.
      • The pin feels warm in your hands and you sense you will not be able to use it until: 4/28/2015 09:41:00 CDT.

Note that the pins used to active the 'crystal amulet' but this was phased out in favor of the modern ESP system.

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