Let's design an annex together!


We need room suggestions and a facade!
  • facade: a small local pub (Kaldonis)
  • nouns: pub, tavern
  • materials: stone, wood
  • details: sign, fancy windows, bay windows, entry (door?), winterberry bushes!

Proposal 1 (Astru and Kaldonis)

  • Lich ID 3053
    [Icemule Trace, Exterior]
    Snow blankets the landscape, though the path around Icemule Trace has been cleared, leaving piles of snow flush against the stone wall. Shrubbery grows in great abundance here, most notably winterberry with its showy red berries.
    Obvious paths: east, west

It's the blue room

  • (facade TBD)
  • Brewpub suggestion!
  • Entry area full of winterberry bushes
  • Windows to peer out from pub to courtyard entry area for games

General notes:

  • name: 'something' dragon, Beacon Brews, Book, Brews and Winterberry, Drunken Dragon, The Blood Eagle, Brewpub..
  • design: model off furrier's building

Room ideas

  • Bar (tap room, lots of new beers, merchandise tacked on walls et c)
  • Beer garden (with giant bonfire because IMT is cold!)
  • VIP (go velvet rope)
  • Lockers
  • ???

Beacon Hall Brewpub Courtyard (or Patio or Beergarden)

  • a roaring bonfire
  • benches
  • either entry room or back patio
  • Winterberries for the picking!

ambient sounds:

  • crackling fire
  • tinkles of glasses

Beacon Hall Brewpub Taproom

  • steampunk
  • shiny brass fittings, dark wood, pipes running everywhere and beautiful kegs!
  • Window that peers out onto beergarden/courtyard/patio
  • Kobold bartender
  • All of the beers!
    • Check with Maliasai about winterberry ale!
  • Hipster food

ambient sounds:

  • bartender muttering about something?
  • music!

Beacon Hall Brewpub VIP Area

  • enter by velvet rope
  • ice bucket with winterberry champagne?
  • hot tub?
  • low couches
  • chill vibe
  • low-key lighting

Beacon Hall Brewpub Lockers

  • toilet stall?
  • cellar room w/ beer kegs / casks

Beacon Hall Brewpub The Snug

  • Library
  • Super chill space
    • large, confortable chairs
  • Pub cat

Locking room

  • Inside or outside VIP area
  • Latch from inside room
  • Hotel type room?

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