Joining Beacon Hall Archive

So you want to join BHA? Great!

We are known for our friendliness, insanity, long-windedness, and brevity!

Hang out in River's Rest! Check the Calendar for meeting and event times! Meet the Members and Officers!

Detailed Information on Joining

First off, anyone that wants to join should think about their reasons from an in-character stand point in addition to as a player. Having a known presence in River's Rest is a good start, though not strictly required. Second, one should express interest by attending Meetings and/or events; you can check the Calendar for meeting and event times, which are kept current. Many Members, including officers, are present around River's Rest, and getting in contact with someone within the game should not be too difficult. You should feel especially free to approach Officers, even if you have never met them, to discuss Beacon Hall or otherwise.

Your next step is finding a sponsor. This can be any members or Officers of Beacon Hall Archive. For the prospective member, it should be someone you've met and can ask questions--someone who knows your character pretty well or that you hit it off with. A sponsor gives the House someone that to vouch for the new member, easing the process and gaining affirmation votes from people that haven't met the character. Coming to events and garnering a reputation around the community and house can only work in your favor when it comes to induction.

After it has been known you want to join BHA, the members will take a vote, ideally at a meeting with your presence. Prospective members are asked to make a basic statement about themselves and their interest in joining the House; this is not expected to be a planned nor lengthy speech, just a little information about your character and interest. Following introductions, the prospective member may be asked questions, and a closed-session discussion and vote will be held. If majority rules in your favor, you will be voted in and inducted into the house. If you can't make our meetings then you'll need to ask for some kind of vote to be held or an impromptu or changed meeting, or an induction after an event.

We ask that new members host an event or complete a research project within six (6) months from their time of induction. We also request that active members regularly attend meetings and events, and try to contribute to a house event at least once a year from the on out, to sustain Beacon Hall's presence both within River's Rest and as a House.

All in all, if you have any questions you can refer to our Bylaws (bha-bylaws.pdf)

Some Benefits

As a part of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHEs), Beacon Hall grants members some basic features; note that a given character can only be a member of one CHE at any given time. Of course, we insist those interested to join have more reasons than a few minor boons, but everyone likes benefits!

  • Must be Level 5 for mechanical reasons (but we can approve at a lower level, you just can't formally join until you reach Level 5).
  • Access to House Lockers; free access at any time, and an additional +50 item capacity for all lockers.
  • Ability to buy and use a House Pin; teleportation once a month from any city limits (even cross-realms) to Beacon Hall as well as ESP access.
  • Possibility to take out a temporary loan from our vast bank vault.
  • Chance to design items (or even rooms) that will be created in game.

To join, a prospective member must pay a one-time, non-refundable entrance fee of 100,000 silvers.

In order to have your house membership displayed in your PROFILE as well as your activity under WHO HOUSE BEACON-HALL, please issue PROFILE TOGGLE HOUSE which is disabled by default.


All members are required to recite the House Pledge (or Oath) on joining. A more formal version is shown in the Bylaws, where here a practical version is given.

Note: If you are inducted by one Kaldonis Penumbra, you may be suggested to recite a line not included here.  Be careful what you say!
Kaldonis is known to ask for children (presumed to be eaten).

recite I pledge my commitment to the Beacon Hall Archive, its members, and its mission.

recite I pledge to pursue and support the purpose and goals of the Beacon Hall Archive, to promote the preservation and teaching of the history and culture of Elanthia.

recite I pledge to abide by and follow the By-Laws of the Beacon Hall Archive, and to accept the authority of the government thereof. I further pledge to uphold the dignity and honor of the Archive and pledge to take no action that would degrade or dishonor it.

recite To all of this I pledge, of my own free will, for the benefit of Elanthia and its people.


Note for forgetful officers.

INITIATE is the verb used for this. Usually as INITIATE NAME DEFAULT. Setting aside any rules of Beacon Hall outlined in our Bylaws, from a mechanical perspective it will be necessary that the prospective member to be inducted has 100,000 silvers (not a note, silvers) on their person. It will be collected by the house clerk as a part of the process. Two officers must be present, one of who must be the Chair or Co-Chair.

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