Prize closet additions

Prepared additions:

  • Flinger dice (3 items: 1 six-sided die, 1 seven-sided die, a dice bag)
    • a stone-hued die with grey pips (six-sided die)
      • LOOK: The each of the six sides of this dice are polished to a smooth finish, marked only by small indents to indicate the number. The side which should have a single pip shows a dial.
    • a rust-flecked die with darkened pips (seven-sided die)
      • LOOK: The surface of the metal die is marred by rust, but the dark pips are clearly visible on each of its seven sides. Instead of a single pip, this die displays stylized wheel.
    • a soft brown bag (holds small, few items, wrist-worn?)
      • LOOK: The soft leather of this bag is burnished with an inscription of a catapult.
  • A moonflower and winterberry pin
    • A moonflower pin
      • LOOK: The large white enamel moonflower blossom is accented by gold sculpted into a delicate vine emerging from the top right to bottom left of the pin.
    • A winterberry pin
      • LOOK: A small cluster of bright red winterberries are carefully arranged on a background of winterberry leaves.
  • Items related with Aeia, Huntress, Niima (local shrines)
    • Aeia: a pale green flask adorned with a white lily (lifekeep flask)
    • Huntress: a black and silver boa
      • LOOK: The feather boa has alternating stripes of black and silver feathers. Along its length, there are several silver six pointed star charms attached.
    • Niima: a blonde doll (huggable toy)
      • LOOK: The doll is created from a stiff white fabric shaped like a young woman. Blue eyes and full lips are embroidered on her face and her hair is a fine yellow yarn. She is wearing a shimmering blue-green gown with a blue tag with a silver dolphin attached.
  • A painted rhimar chest
    • LOOK: The rhimar chest is painted with a large cluster of winterberries and their leaves in the centre of the lid. The sides of the chest are bordered with thin gold stripes and the corners are decorated with small clusters of winterberries.
  • Tea: Jasmine

One off items

  • Rhimar flaring weapons
    • an elegant rhimar maul with an intricately carved oaken haft
      • LOOK: The head of the maul is carved with elaborate swirls which become shapely vines as the metal joins the haft. The vine pattern continues down the haft of the maul with leaves and small moonflowers added to the vine pattern.
  • A commemorative plaque of Sankir throwing bags of children in the river
    • LOOK: The golden plaque is mounted on a wooden base with neatly beveled edges. The face of the plaque is engraved with an image of a heavily-scarred Krolvin throwing large lumpy bags into the river. Some children's shoes are scattered on the ground nearby. There is something written on the plaque.
    • READ: In memory of the children thrown into the Tempest River by Sankir the Bloodfist.

Alternate items

  • Sparklers
    • Ivory, Red?
  • Tea
  • Basic wands with spells
    • Water Walking: a translucent blue wand
    • Like Cold Snap! (Although, we could make with ranger rods ....)
  • Boas
    • An extremely fluffy ivory boa
      • LOOK: The feathers of this boa are ivory with a few red accents scattered throughout.
  • Huggable toys
    • Huggable tome?
  • Tossable egg
  • Pinata (stick is separate?)
  • Pinwheel
    • A rainbow pinwheel
      • LOOK: The panels of this pinwheel are brightly painted in rainbow colours.

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