Kayse Thaellian


You see Storyteller Kayse Thaellian the Smuggler.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Vaer'sah Clan.
She is moderately tall and appears to be mature. She has voluminously lashed, viridian-specked pear green eyes and sun-kissed, lightly freckled skin. She has hip-length, lustrous mahogany red hair pulled up into a sleek fountaining ponytail by a pair of cream and taupe gossamer ribbons lightly dusted in dull grey opal, leaving a few loose strands to brush against her cheeks. She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face and petal pink, bow-shaped lips. She has a pair of oval niveous-veined sparkling champagne wings.
She has a tiny red heart tattoo on her finger, a trio of flowers tattoo on her wrist, an inked vine laden with blossoms on her waist, a rune tattoo on her arm, and a thin mistvein diamond ring in the upper ridge of her left ear.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a choker of tumbled riverstone pebbles, a shoulder-clasped vanilla leather jacket cropped beneath the bust, a rigidly-boned cincher of taupe suede over an off-white sheer silk shirt with full dotted lace cuffs, a tendrillar hollow glass bracelet, a pair of fingerless dark leather gloves, a platinum braided wedding band, a cherrywood oval vanity case, some flared navy tweed trousers with a high-waist, and a pair of taupe brushed suede ankle-boots.

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