Loresong of Khaarne’s Statue loresung by Merryleon

The first thing that strikes you about the statue is the weight, which is about 6 pounds. In your best estimation, it’s worth at least 5,000 silvers.

Although your song produces no response at first, you get a strong sense that the statue is important somehow, that it is potentially a burden as much as a gift. It grows heavy in your hands, almost too heavy to support and surely too great a weight to be borne alone.

From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the statue is as a decorative one, perhaps. You are not sure exactly.

You get a brief glimpse of the statue held in first one pair of hands, then another, then another, all different. Clearly, the burden is shared by many. The final pair of hands you see bear a ring with a religious symbol upon it, perhaps the hands of a cleric, but the symbol is too hazy to make out exactly. The vision fades quickly.

sung by Merryleon, the statue was delivered from the shrine to Sansil

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