Ideas for the librarian in the WL Annex

  • Existing in BHA:
    a prim looking librarian

    The librarian has mousy brown hair that is pulled up into a bun, but a number of locks have escaped the confines to form a wispy halo around her face. A small smudge of blue ink mars one cheek, and a large pelican feather quill has been stuck into the bun, seemingly with ink still upon it. She is wearing a simple crimson robe with an ivory lighthouse embroidered on the left breast.

  • Drafted Kobold Librarians:
    • Kaldonis
      a cross-eyed kobold librarian 

      The wizened mongrel kobold is stooped with age. He has thick spectacles that magnify the apparent size of his eyes, both of which are perpetually angled towards his nose. He is wearing a crimson rolton-wool robe with an ivory lighthouse patch on the left breast.

  • Kaldonis
    a nimble mongrel kobold librarian

That look is fine but give him um a fine brown leather jacket with an ivory light house embroidered on the back, as well as some fine brown or crimson leather pants enscrolled with small golden tomes, and some Polished brown or crimson boots to finish it. Maybe even Ivory.

  • Fyrentennimar
  • Your name
    your kobold librarian

    a detailed description


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