All members of Beacon Hall have free access to lockers in all cities, as well as an increased locker capacity (+30 items).

House Locker Locations

One thing you will notice is that our lockers are not in the same locations as the public lockers. Although this may seem like a modest inconvenience at first, it should be noted that the local Annex, or locker entry area, is a private area for house members only, which also contains a node with chalkboard with notes and a wastebasket. Furthermore, all these smaller locker annexes have the potential to be expanded into larger annexes in the future, potentially at more interesting locations.

The House Pin can be TURNed to teleport you from a city to your locker (except in River's Rest).

Lockers in many towns are tagged in lich.  Try using ;go2 bhalocker
  • River's Rest: Beacon Hall Archive. Please see the Map for a visual reference. From the Common Room: climb staircase, northeast, east, south, push shield, go door. (Room 18889 in lich.)
  • Icemule Trace: In the new Annex near the South Gate. See the Map. (Room 28740 in lich.)
  • Mist Harbor: Hale Hall. From Gardenia Commons: south, west, go hall, go doors, go staircase, go arch, north, north, north, north, go ivory door, go curtain. (Room 22408 in lich.)
  • Solhaven: Warehouse. From North Market: west, southwest, southwest, go warehouse, east, go stairs, east, east, east, north, north, go door, go curtain. (The top of the stairs is room 14114 in lich.)
  • Wehnimer's Landing: In the Annex in the Kobold Village. See the Map. (Room 23554 in lich.)
  • Teras Isle: Adventurer's Rest. From the Statue: west, go rest, east, east, east, east, north, north, north, go Amethyst arch, pull tome, go curtain. (Room 23242 in lich.)
  • Ta'Illistim: The Lost Home. From Hanging Gardens: out, southeast, southeast, southwest, southwest, southwest, west, west, southwest, southwest, northwest, north, northwest, go door, northwest, northwest, northwest, northwest, go arch. (Room 29737 in lich.)
  • Kraken's Fall: Inking Den. From Wandering Eye Market (room 28871 in lich): north, go door, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, go beige door (lich room to come)
  • Other towns: Please add the locations if you can give the exact route!

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