Beacon Hall Locker Locations

All members of any CHE have free access to lockers and an increased locker capacity (+30 items).

Your House Pin can be TURNed to teleport you from inside a city to your locker, except:

  • Not for the main branch in River's Rest
  • Only outside the city gates in Ta'Vaalor

If you use lich, simply ;go2 bhalocker for the nearest location!

Icemule TraceSouth GateSee the Brewpub Map.28740
Kraken's FallInking DenFrom Wandering Eye Market: north, go door, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, go beige door, go curtain29553
Mist HarborHale HallFrom Gardenia Commons: south, west, go hall, go doors, go staircase, go arch, north, north, north, north, go ivory door, go curtain.22408
River's RestBeacon HallSee the Beacon Hall Archive Map.18889
SolhavenWarehouseFrom North Market: west, southwest, southwest, go warehouse, east, go stairs, east, east, east, north, north, go door, go curtain.Near 14114
Ta'IllistimLost HomeFrom Hanging Gardens: out, southeast, southeast, southwest, southwest, southwest, west, west, southwest, southwest, northwest, north, northwest, go door, northwest, northwest, northwest, northwest, go arch, pull sconce, go curtain. sconce singular not sconces. PULL RING to get back out.29737
Ta'VaalorDancing DachreFrom King's Court: west, west, west, north, west, north, north, north, go dachre, southwest, south, south, south, go carved arch, pull driftwood statue, go opening. PULL RING to get back out.29560
Teras IsleAdventurer's RestFrom the Statue: west, go rest, east, east, east, east, north, north, north, go amethyst arch, pull tome, go curtain.23242
Wehnimer's LandingKobold VillageSee the Gallery Map.23554
Zul LogothRockslingerFrom the Monument: east, east, southeast, east, south, go door, go corridor, south, south, west, west, west, west, west, go Beacon arch, go curtain.29563


  • The Solhaven warehouse is very difficult to put in the mapdb. Blame Kaldonis.
  • Cysaegir should be getting CHE lockers "RSN" (August 2018).

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