Lorminstra Warblade by Revalos

When a bard sings to the warblade they enter a trance and are forced to sing out the following, two stanzas for each time the bard sings to the item:

"Evil and ruin befell the Lands.
Seven strong hearts and seven stout hands,
Wielding fire to stem the flow,
Guarded the pass against their foes.

Seven stood in the darkest hour.
Fire in hand, whilst the village did cower.
Against the ancient evil of old,
They stood as one, brave and bold.

Seven blades flashing bright,
mighty brands to pierce the night.
Did set all their foes a'straight,
withering them in ruint fate.

Aelthed, Orin, were the first to fall,
Five now stood and fought for all.
Farouk, Karo, followed soon,
Three blades still shined against the moon.

Three blades left began to fade.
Without all seven their doom was made.
Iubdan, Manser, fought till death,
with ebbing strength and waning breath.

Ottar held his blade up high.
Lightning crashed against the sky.
Seven blades their powers meshed,
to cleave asunder demon flesh.

With fading breath and dying sight,
Ottar passed beyond the Light.
The weapons great, their wielders strong.
Together these blades shall right the wrong.

Seven blades, each with a light,
came together in blazing might.
Separate, each had a fire.
Brought together they formed a pyre.

The village free, the seven dead,
Weapons were laid beside each head.
And if the lores of old ring true,
Seven blades shall rise anew."


Retrieved and formatted by Astru.
Originally posted: http://web.archive.org/web/20040923070403/http://www.angelfire.com/rpg/beaconhall/lorminstra_warblade.htm
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