Maelkyth’s Conundrum of Drivel and Gibberish by Maelkyth Loarne

I must needs apologize upfront; I am unable to be entirely concise with my thoughts in this matter. I cannot address this in a linear manner, nor subjectively, as it does thwart my classification and definition. Had I the most gifted tongue and keenest of minds, I think my words would still fall short. Since my mind is not the keenest, my tongue not the most gifted, I must rely on the common experiences of mortals, and hope to touch upon the strings that will ring true regardless of their poor presentation or my inabilities to directly illustrate them. That said, let the botchery commence... ~M.

As it now stands, I hold our religious hierarchy to be a shackle to our development as mortals. Throughout this document I hope to illustrate shortcomings within our pantheons, offer alternate hypotheses as to how it evolved, offer why these inconsistencies matter, and ultimately, how to reclaim what this hierarchy once sought to define.

I. Shortcomings within our pantheons.

By its own confession, the Holy Writ, "The Gods of Elanthia" claims in its introduction,

"It is interesting to note that those the Elanthians worship as gods were once servants themselves."

Before the protests begin, it is not my intent to do dishonour those we have come to worship as gods. However, realize their godhead exists solely based upon our perception and adherence to tradition. It is through their intervention and patient guidance that we have been allowed an opportunity to exist, evolve, and even question our own Creation Myth. I am most thankful for this.

In practice, there is little problem within this pantheon. Barring practicality in lieu of the Truth, however, there is something (a design, a law, a being, a power) at work greater than what we focus on daily. The Arkati are not the end-answer to all Creation. It is to this I wish to draw attention. What of the state that governs all subordinate to it, which is all...Creation; the Ultimate Nature or Reality if you prefer. By these terms, I mean all of Creation as a whole, its law and manifestation at the highest order.

All eyes shift now to the text, "The Official History of Elanthia, Revision 1.1", Meachreasim Illistim, First Master of Lore. Therewithin, it states clearly of the Origin Myth that from nothingness the One was born of a spark, and the catalyst of what was to come. I contend there had to be a state of readiness prior to the creation of the One. Laws of Nature had to be in place, as well as the potential for expansion… the blank canvas and its texture prior to the brush stroke. There is a higher Order to be found, and to this I think it wise to adhere.

The problem comes in as whether to scrutinize our Creation Myth as fact or fiction, taking into account the sheer inadequacy of the mortal language to capture the immortal nature of what is being discussed. I don’t wish to split hairs along this line, because it is not only fruitless and demeaning, but tends to exchange one inadequacy for another. Please, read this in the manner of its intent… curious and reverent questioning. Creation on the whole is a vast and wondrous thing. My personal torment is the realization that I am a vastly flawed observer to the most profound and beautiful reality I’ve ever been blessed to have so poorly born witness to. By no coincidence, I also consider it my greatest blessing.

II. Alternate hypotheses as to how our Pantheon evolved.

This is easily explained by my reckoning, which may be flawed. As all things mortal born are of mortal minds conceived, our track record is not so great that we should ever rule out fault or error. In short, our minds and understanding are finite. We cannot fully grasp the notion of a "state of being" prior to Creation. It is THE Origin, is it not? We cannot extend our awareness infinitely either. I suspect we have a "reality defense mechanism" which triggers, shrouding our concepts of time and space unlimited. What we claim is too hazy to see, the outer reaches of our abilities to comprehend, is best left untouched. I also suspect any attempting to wander into these areas will be driven quite mad by the inadequacies of our faculty to contain any such possibilities.

Wandering into these areas is not what I suggest. However, to skirt the edges of this shroud, cognizant of our own defense mechanisms, a better understanding might be gained not so much of what is "out there", but rather how our minds are actively selecting and defining what it witnesses. This is not an invitation to grasp at the absurd, either. We are a part of Reality, regardless of our level of understanding. Our belief (to whatever measure) is but reflection of the dynamics of Nature. What we perceive, however, does define our understanding. This relationship, in turn, creates the illusory reality that consumes our daily lives.

There are many things we bear witness to with vary little introspection. Perhaps the mundane details serve a purpose for reassessment. I dare say a squirrel that knocks a nut from a tree will watch it fall straight to the ground with very little deviation. The only instance of deviation will ALWAYS be the application of one law, interacting with another. The manifestation of magick is another fine example. There is nothing in any magicks, or in all of Creation for that matter, that can be accomplished that Nature did not allow for. It is my belief that it is our relationship to Nature, and (mis)understanding of Nature, that limits or defines our personal and cultural growth as mortals. It is a nagging awareness of our perceptual habits that I wish to drive home, little else.

Our mortal manifestation of magick currently comes to us through our understandings and the graces of the Arkati. What says this interpretation, allowing us to utilize these cosmic laws, is the sole… or best approach? Who says we have the wisdom to pursue other avenues? Who says we are not destined to usher in a new phase of Creation at our own demise? Any who answer stalwartly as an authority on these issues is, I believe, taking a shortcut to thinking.

III. Why these inconsistencies matter.

Deep inside, or perhaps at the surface, we might question the inadequacies of the Arkati to embody or explain the whole of Creation. That is not their sin, but ours if we continue to base our definition of reality on them. Indeed, I feel it is our natural calling and rightful evolution to question and expand. As they so diligently struggled on our behalf, it would seem a shame to not grow to our fullest potentials based on our unwillingness to look beyond them for answers. Again, I do not intend that we disregard them for another, but take them as they are, as a greater piece than we (in some respects) to a greater mystery still.

This state is most certainly uncomfortable and awkward for us. It usually brings a lot of pain and suffering, just as the uneducated learn at great cost those things not imparted to them from the social knowledge. As a child, told not to touch this or that because it is sharp, or hot… comprehension only takes place when it is experienced first hand. Only then is value assigned to a situation. The key to value and learning lies again within us. The situation is what it is, sharp or hot…whether that is good or bad is what we make of it.

We are our own shortcomings. Our rigid perception can be our barrier to interacting with Creation. Blessedly so, that self-same barrier can protect our fragile minds from overwhelming events. I don’t suggest we tear down that barrier, but expand its encompassment.

All inconsistencies and inadequacies lie within us. The Creation Myth, among others, is used to establish boundaries prior to territories containing that which is beyond our ability to fathom. It is a strong defense mechanism which will atrophy thought over time if not scrutinized and exercised. Inconsistencies are not written into Nature, they are written into OUR definitions of what we witness. Look again, and again, and again if need be. If you look from the same angle, the same common belief, the same understanding… you will see nothing new, nothing different, nothing to question. There are answers to everything… learn to ask the right questions. And never fear to question yourself, everyone else already does.

IV. Reclaiming what these religions once sought to define.

I once heard tell of a man who put a particular concept into wonderful perspective; time. It is a simple twist and variation, but profound because of it. He made note that mortals enter into the future with their backs to it, their eyes fixed upon their past as it unfolds before them.

We cannot foresee the future, regardless of attempt, only follow the progress of our past and speculate where it will lead. There is a simple wisdom to be gained from being aware of the past. There is a point, however, where too much attention given the past can lead to neglect of the present and future. Of those places shrouded, we can see no clear understanding in the past, or presently. We, as a mortal civilization, arguably now enjoy more freedom and liberties than at any other point of our histories. It is time for us to assign meaning to our current beliefs, and look to the next step of our cultural growth.

Let us be forthright and bold, and make the best of the sacrifices made by those before us.

Maelkyth Loarne

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