Beacon Hall Monthly Meetings

  • Beacon Hall meetings are open to all, including prospective members.
  • Meetings are held the third Sunday of the month at 5:00 PM EST/EDT.

Meeting Location

Meetings are held in Officers' Chamber (denoted as 'Office' on the Map); although the meetings are generally open, during meetings we close and latch the door, which enables us to discuss event planning and schedules more freely (using secular notation, discussion of time zones, real life schedule conflicts, etc). If you show up late and the door is closed, just KNOCK ON DOOR and we'll let you in.

We usually gather in River's Rest Town Commons prior to the start of meetings, but some people go directly to the Officers' Chamber. (The custom for a few people to wait in Commons is to help any non-members to easily find their way.)

Lich Room ID for the Officers' Chamber: 16197. Or ;go2 beaconhall and go west, north, and knock on the door.

If you don't use Lich, see the Map of Beacon Hall which can be found outside town west of the drawbridge on our new Map of River's Rest.

See also: Calendar | Minutes

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