One of the requirements for full membership in Beacon Hall has been to complete a thesis or project. In recent years, we have allowed members to run events for the house (especially lore-based events) in lieu of writing a thesis. However, in the past it was common to write a short document.

Here, we have collected some of the older documents from the archived version of one of the old Beacon Hall websites. It is likely that many other member theses were lost (since there were at least two other websites for the Beacon Hall Archives in between that one and the present one). If you have any copies of additional projects, feel free to contact one of the present officer of the Beacon Hall Archive and we will try to post it here for posterity.

In addition, this space can be used for current member projects if new members choose to write a thesis instead of running an event (or if members wish to complete a thesis version of an event).

Theses rescued so far


The following theses were completed by the founders of Beacon Hall:

Member projects

New theses

  • This space will be for theses that were not rescued from archived pages and are probably by current members.

Theses rescued from the old website were compiled and reformatted by Astru.
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