Officer Meeting 9/10/2000

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 at a table in Targon's Inn by Frijthof, chair pro-tem. In attendence were: Frijthof, Jeranna, Sarahoff, and Lyvonia (Arkhaine was spectating).

Frijthof noted the current situation of the house regarding the building formerly inhabited by Jakarta and reminded us all that we are currently under going a watch period by the GMs. He also noted the importance of activity and unity- bot externally and internally.

The following agenda was set for the meeting: house pledge, events, accepting members, and house design.

House Pledge.

The following was tenously agreed upon as the major points to be covered by the house pledge: 1. dedication to the purpose of the Archives, 2. not to dishonorthe house, 3. aid fellow members, 4. lead by example, 5. treat members as family. There was a lengthy discussion regarding wording and the appropriateness of #3. Frijthof agreed to resubmit the oath for further discussion.


Two events are currently in the works with one more being sponsored. Lyvonia discussed the upcoming play performance and how the house will be sponsoring it. We will need to gather food and drinks to offer the guests at the play and also some gifts for doorprizes. Lyvonia will send out a letter to Kristing regarding the information needed for a news item (done). Yardsale: The yard sale will be run by Sarahoff as a live auction, run from the town gardens on the north end of the commons circle. Sarahoff will also make postings in the appropriate folders on the Official Boards. Everyone will need to contact Sara regarding the items they wish to donate, the minimum bid they'd like to set and how much of the sale they would like to receive. The yard sale has been set for the 24th. Storytelling: Jeranna suggested that these be moved to a weeknight as the weekends were getting filled, to general agreement. (I checked with Kree and Miphnik regarding this and both are able to do this change. Friday at 9 is Kree's preference- I'm waiting on a date for him to choose.)

Frijthof suggested that all of us hold small, informal gatherings on a semi-regular basis, such as tours of the citadel, Wolves' Den, house hunts, etc. The stress should be on being social and interactive.


It was agreed to start with the membership process, but not to allow dues to be paid. Frijthof stressed caution in sponsoring people you don't know and only commit to people you know or people who's motives you're sure of. Educate your prospectives about the house as much as possible. It is necessary that the prospective writes to the secretary with the name of their sponsor and the sponsorer must also write to the secretary confirming that they are sponsoring that perspective.

Jeranna stressed the need to encourage a broad based membership and not allow the house to be merely a "River's Rest house." There was agreement on this point.

Sarahoff mentioned that Higuchi has been enchanting items for the yard sale and will need help infusing.

The house floor plan was tabled for discussion at a later date.

Without further issues to discuss, the meeting was brought to a close by Frijthof.

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