Officers Meeting 22-10-2000

2140 meeting called to order by chairman Frijthof, Present are Sarahoff and Frijthof

2143 discussion of loss of Esserae and Jeranna as well of addition of new members Higuchi and Blueland

Frijthof says, "Ah, for the record let me say that we have waived formalities of notice, and Lyvonia has delegated to me the presidancy of this second meeting."

2145 overview of meeting, new officers, new members, pledge and misc house activities

2146 Sarahoff named new treasurer and Tarkisis to fill in the secretary spot, effective immediately

2150 Recruitment Speech, we need some members for when we open folks.

2153 Arrival of Thassalante at meeting

2210 votes on Higuchi and Blueland taken, both accepted by 2/3 vote under charter law

2225 House Treasury at 880,000 silvers turned over to Treasuress Hoff

2233 Recruitment lecture again, Higuchi joins meeting

2240 Discussion of story nights, speaker ideas for next month

2245 meeting closed!

Respectfully Submitted,

Treasuress Pro-Tem Sarahoff Adamkin

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