Meeting 12-10-00

2215 Frijthof calls meeting to order. Present Sarahoff, Higuchi, Brookwyn, Frijthof, Tarkisis, Blueland, Lyvonia and Arkhaine. NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Thassalante, Esserae

discussion of member status of those not in attendance.

2245 discussion of shuffling of officers Sarahoff moved to secretary, treasurer position vacated, Higuchi elected Treasurer, Sarahoff promises to turn funds over to him.

2250 discussion of thesis and membership drive, thesis to be changed to contribution in by-laws and such, Committee formed of Lyvonia, Higuchi, and Sarahoff, to be approved by Tarkisis

2335 Workshop discussion opened, Rules by Higuchi praised, policies hopefully to be written by Tenser

2400 House design gone over

New Positions Discussed House Enforcer, House Enchanter, and House Assasin

Dismissed at 2420

(note: The Hoff is joking about enforcer and assassin btw...erm, I think...) ~ed.

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