January2001 House Meeting
  • 7:10 Meeting called to Order. In attendance Nofret, Lady Lyvonia, Lord Higuchi, Blueland, Tigressah, Sarahoff
  • 7:15 Tigressah voted in as new member
  • 7:20 Blueland announces his player will be out to sea for next 3-4 months, Placed on LOA list
  • 7:25 Arkhaine Voted in as co-sec pro temp
  • 7:30 Tarkisis and Arkhain arrive
  • 7:40 Blueland Elected as CO-Treasurer, effective on his return from LOA
  • 7:45 Hoff's Abdemum about updating emails passed. Tarkisis to add to by laws
  • 8:00 Floor opened for general discussion, Workshop discussed. Infusing Festival cost announced of 5 million silvers, House Design
  • 8:30 meeting adjourned

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