March 3,2001
  • 10:13 EST meeting called to order, in attendance: Lyvonia, Maelkyth, Tarkisis, Higuchi, Sarahoff, Tigressah, Arkhaine (and Haroom peeking in)

First item: upcoming events-

  • Ylena to be rescheduled for Chronicles
  • Setzier to do this month's theology

Discussed the House and events and the support needed

  • 10:23 EST We officially went off topic again....
  • Trukiller will be speaking of BoneSpear on the 15th of April
  • Commitment to the House discussed, thesis papers to be turned in, sponsers to keep watch on their sponserees, all to keep in touch through scrolls

10:52 EST House members choose areas of expertise:

  • Tigressah, Queen of the Animals
  • Higuchi, Wizardry
  • Various other tangents discussed
  • Lyvonia assigns homework: go do something!
  • Tarkisis lectured us on the charter and the House and advised to reread it to understand the full obligations/privileges of house members
  • 11:29 ESTMeeting dismissed

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