June 30, 2001
  • 11:00 EST- meeting called to order
  • In attendance: Frijthof, Aubery, Tarkisis, Lyvonia, Sarahoff, Higuchi, Tigressah, Nofret, Blueland, Haxley, Qither, Oary, Stalvos
  • Festival prospectively to be August 11th & 12th
  • Events discussed- possible ideas include pie eating, storytelling, golem boxing, rogue poker, history contest, ravine diving, fortune telling, trivia, gambling, games with gas clouds.... and general BHA lunacy :)
  • Possible theme- piracy
  • Oary left
  • Lyvonia lists short-term festival objectives: fundriase (auction? raffle?), brainstorm, collections/donations,
  • Haxley and Aubery left
  • Finances discussed- house finances and festival finances need to be kept seperate... the house may be donaing/sponsering the event, but the money should be dealt with seperately...
  • Debates over legend slave auction... fun pasttimes vs. slavery and the goat festival celebrating independence
  • Blueland to check his schedule to run a house auction

Prospective members:

  • Haxley, sponsored by Tarkisis, formal request has been received
  • Atania, sponsored by Tarkisis, formal request has been received
  • Stalvos, to be sponsored by Sarahoff upon formal request of entry
  • Gavrienna, to be sponsored by Sarahoff upon formal request of entry
  • Qither, to be sponsored by Higuchi, a formal request of entry should be received in the next few days
  • Atania's vote to be postponed
  • Haxley voted in as a member of the House, and has a paper on lockpicking being reviewed for his submission to the archives
  • Stalvos joins the meeting
  • House members are encouraged to enter the EN book project, see Lyvonia for details
  • Members voted for a submission committe instead of having each member read and vote on submissions
  • Submission Committee to be voted in, 3 members and the Archivist Committee will be revoted once the house reaches full membership base of 21 people Nominees: Nofret, Frijthof, Haxley
    • all votes passed

Submission Committee:

  • Archivist Tarkisis
  • Nofret
  • Frijthof
  • Haxley

Future prospective committees: events and morale

Many officer positions voted and changed:

  • Blueland voted as full Treasurer (as opposed to Co-Tres)
  • Sarahoff resigned as Co-Chair
  • Frijthof voted in as new Co-Chair
  • 12:30 EST- meeting adjourned

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