May 8th, 2002
Beacon Hall Archive General meeting~
Today is Leyan, day 8 of the month Ivastaen in the year 5102.  It is 21:16 by the elven time standard.~

Present at meeting:

[Beacon Hall, Common Room]
Several coats of arms hang from the dark modwir walls in this softly lit room. The south wall displays captured banners and armaments from a variety of military campaigns. A large fieldstone fireplace dominates the north wall. A massive oaken table sits surrounded by a horde of oak chairs in the center of the room beneath a black wrought iron chandelier. Despite the presence of war paraphernalia, a sense of peace pervades the room. You also see the Arkhaine disk and a long staircase.
Also in the room: Lord Frijthof who is seated, Maelkyth, Nofret, Lady Lyvonia who is seated
Lyvonia says, "first order of business was the state of our accounts, which Nofret already accounted for."
Lyvonia says, "it looks like we're doing well, though, we can always use more endowment- so if you've some spare pennies think of the house."
Lyvonia says, "alrighty, there's also something I've been trying to discuss with the GMs regarding the festivals and our bank accounts..."

Lyvonia says, "all donations are annonymous unless they themselves donate it in front of others like Blueland did the other time."
Lyvonia says, "well, the issue I was discussing with Bradach and Kristing was that it isn't the house's money"
Lyvonia says, "nor is it mine."
Lyvonia says, "Kristing said to temporarily hold it in our account but I'd rather use it for the intention it was donated for- to benefit the festival."
Tarkisis says, "Last I knew, Haxley still had auction donations. I've not seen him.. so if anyone does, please remind him of it."
Frijthof says, "I am a little uneasy about mingling house and festival funds...."
Lyvonia says, "if I hold over multiple millions in our account for the next festival, I'll only be getting more and more money piling up."
Tarkisis says, "If nothing else, he can post them as festival donations instead."
Lyvonia nods to Frijthof.
Frijthof says, "It would be too easy for someone to say we skimmed from the pot."

(Basically it was decided that a seperate account would be set up for the fesitval and our house will pay for the tent which will cost about 100k.)

Lyvonia says, "let me just explain to everyone the issue of our accounts and the festivals"
Lyvonia says, "the problem is, the festivals are becoming too profitable."
Lyvonia says, "this has happened in the last few festivals actually, but for this one, it will be severe, if I take this one donation."
Frijthof asks, "What is the festival fund at 2015-04-24 (Fri) 07:55:53"
Lyvonia says, "well, I haven't started collecting, but the 5 mil is a definate."
Frijthof says, "I think we should put a cap on donations."
Lyvonia says, "I've capped donatioins in the last few festivals"
Lyvonia says, "in fact, I had to cap the very first festival and return some of the money donated."
Lyvonia says, "some people cannot volunteer time to the festivals for one reason or another and would rather donate coins"
Lyvonia says, "and it's rather harsh to refuse charitable donations for a good cause"
Lyvonia says, "well, as it stands 5 mil might be all I want to have as prize money
Tarkisis asks, "Do you suppose we could make monetary donations periodically to the Mentors?"
Lyvonia rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Lyvonia says, "hmm"
Lyvonia says, "I'm not sure they actually need any money"
Tarkisis says, "Hrm good point."

(We decided that 5 mil was the max for the festival in prize money, items are seperate and will be accepted )
(The festival will be called the Goat Days of Summer somewhere in mid August... no set date as of yet)
(Different ideas for contests were talked about . as well as house member participation.)
(Another idea was that any left over money or profits from the festival will go towards funding for the museum in Rivers Rest or another fall festival , one that would be historical in nature... cultural.)

Tarkisis talks about our house library (website)~

Tarkisis says, "I've created a new room to our public library."
Tarkisis says, "A Theatre.. which Nofret would probably like."
Tarkisis says, "In it is featured all the loresongs, her play--The Markhore and the Serpent, as well as any fiction pieces that members write."
Tarkisis says, "That's where your story it too."
Tarkisis nods to Tigressah.
Tarkisis says, "er is, rather."
Tarkisis says, "So, we have three rooms now. The Theatre, The Archives--which have all reference material and guides. "
Tarkisis says, "The Third is the Lyceum which houses the logs of the classes."
Tarkisis says, "It makes for easier organization. I may have to tag the Lyceum because not all know that it means classroom."
( we need guides for the library, as well as personal page links... ( members websites if they have them)

New members:~

  • Shiril's paper has been approved and we are voting via e-scroll to make her a full member
  • Kennric is also waiting a vote (as soon as Nofret and Tark get his paper)

Current House Events:

  • Open house in June sometime.
  • next chronicles will be a story on the Griffin sword by Nofret sometime in June or July.
  • Sayori is doing a theology class on Andelas at HS this Day of the Huntress.
  • Songie is doing another Theology that is scheduled at 9pm this Feastday.
  • The open house will have boat tours. narrations on the museum. free food. ect..

Maelkyth speaks on town issues

Maelkyth says, "1) we have a house IN the Rest... not dedicated TO the Rest"
Maelkyth says, "actually, that's the big one"
Maelkyth says, "well..."
Maelkyth says, "membership..."
Maelkyth says, "if we're located IN the Rest..."
Maelkyth shrugs.
Maelkyth says, "it does make sense to start our base strong here..."

( we decided that even though some folks have a bad opinion of our house, we have done all we can to make ammends. we will continue to respect our neighbors but not try anything to change they're opinions. )

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