Beacon Hall Archives Officers Meeting Minutes
Volnes, day 15 of the month Jastatos in the year 5112
21:30 ~ 23:30 elven time standard
(Monday 15 October 2012, 9:30 - 11:30 PM EST)


  • Chancellor Khiya
  • Hall Guardian Neovik
  • Keeper Kaldonis (acting secretary)
  • Storyteller Jersea
  • Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar

Present Officer Mailing list

Khiyadaisicrazy at REDACTED
Jerseabardessj at REDACTED
Kaldonisdaidxor at REDACTED
Neovikneovik at REDACTED
Fyrentennimarjustin.sturm at REDACTED
Raincailwill.walsh31 at REDACTED

Soon we will have a Google Group for mailing and document collaboration.

House roster for Beacon Hall Archive (last 60 days):

  • Shiril
  • Kirael
  • Fyrentennimar
  • Jezria
  • Malisai
  • Riverman
  • Bijou
  • Starchitin
  • Thurayya
  • Silverthorne
  • Alifair
  • Wendey
  • Laymia
  • Zaylen
  • Thundin
  • Ishnya
  • Selema
  • Tabrina
  • Malrocky
  • Csilence
  • Khiya
  • Jersea
  • Witajee
  • Kirackus
  • Romney
  • Lurrah
  • Neovik
  • Raincail
  • Kaldonis
  • Cessesii

Total members: 30

Improvement: A way to know what realms everyone is in

Winter Festival Ornament Contest

  • Deadline: 15th of Eoantos (15 November)
  • Basic idea: Cowrie shell with relief carving with a light source inside. Need an image themed for the Solstice; should avoid Beacon Hall theme, which should be reserved for the annual Frontier Days.

Monthly Event for Eoantos (November)

  • Date: Restday, day 18 of the Month Eoantos, beginning 13:00 elven time standard
    (18 November, 1:30 PM)
  • Description:
    Beacon Hall will host a cooking competition in order to seek out exciting new culinary fare for the Rest. Winners will be determined primarily on their final dish, but preparatory method will also be judged. The most popular food item will be taught to Beacon Hall's very own chefs and available regularly at the archives.
  • Crier Announcement: Tired of the usual selection of dining choices around town? Think you are a suave chef? Here's your chance to tantalize the taste buds of Torre!
  • Location: BHA Kitchen
  • Organizer: Kaldonis

Event description was submitted to the official calendar.

Cost: 0 IP, 0 silvers (making the new food item after the event will be 1 IP)

Locker Annex Expansion

  • Proposed Location: Near the magical boot in the kobold village adjacent to Wehnimer's Landing which formerly served as a portal to River's Rest.
  • Cost: 26+ IP (4 x 2 for existing room redesign, plus 6 x 3 for three additional rooms)
  • Other: We like to add a (super)node, but should be sure this is within guidelines (one for every twenty regular rooms). Vault room? 10 IP each.
  • Deadline: 7th of Lormestra for the Quarterly Report (7 January)

Monthly Event for Eorgaen (December)

  • Basic idea: Some kind of gift exchange to be determined.

Next Meeting (Public)

  • Date: Volnes, day 29 of the month Jastatos in the year 5112
  • Time: 21:30 elven time standard
    (Monday 29 October 2012, 9:30 PM EST)
  • Location: Meet in the Commons, then we will go to the Office


BHA Officers not afforded special privileges aboard Cutter

By-laws violated for induction (maybe we need a clause about that)

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