Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Volnes, day 29 of the month Jastatos in the year 5112
21:30 ~ 23:30 elven standard time
(Monday 29 October 2012, 9:30 - 11:30 PM EST)


  • Khyia
  • Jersea
  • Raincail
  • Kaldonis (acting secretary)
  • Astru

(Fyrentennimar has computer troubles. No one heard from Neovik.)


  • Officers:
    • Raincail as Curator (officially now)
  • Members:
    • Astru


  • Winter Festival Ornament Design
  • Due: 13th of Eoantos
    (November 13)
  • Proposed item:
    a clear glass ornament
  • Description
    Suspended from the branch by a gold ribbon, this clear glass ornament contains an assortment of tiny seashells, starfish and bits of driftwood scattered across fine white sand, creating a little beach scene. The sands twinkle brightly when caught by the light. In the center, a miniature sand dollar lies partially atop a petite seaweed fan, a glint of tourmaline green shining through the delicate fronds. The outside of the glass ornament is etched on one side with a frothy curling wave poised to break upon the enclosed beach scene. Standing guard on the opposite side is an etched lighthouse tower set with a flashy diamond, sparkling brightly. Inscribed around the top of the ornament is a message reading, "May your life be filled with the light of knowledge. Merry Solstice wishes from Beacon Hall Archives."

We should make an online document or specific email thread. Without further contributions, we will use the present version (mainly by Jersea)

Note on attendance: We need some officers present for the unveiling!

Eorgaen Event

  • (December Monthly Event)
  • Deadline: 3rd of Eoantos, but practically earlier from Ebon Gate
    (November 3)
  • Date: 17th of Eorgaen, begining 21:30 elven standard time
    (December 17th, 9:30 PM EST)
  • Location: Wehnimer's Landing Solstice Tent
  • Event: Cookie Decorating
  • Coordinator: Jersea

Kaldonis should submit the formal request, once it is finalized!

Eoantos Event

(November Monthly Event)

  • Prizes: (Items found in player shops)
    • an aged wooden mixing spoon
    • a cast iron frying pan
    • a black-bottomed metal baking sheet
    • a cast iron baking pan

We should buy these soon, and see if they can be engraved.

Kaldonis will try to get some custom work done on an apron at Ebon Gate as the main prize.

Anything relevant in the prize closet?

Event description is on the official calendar:

  • Where: Beacon Hall
  • Description:
    Tired of the usual selection of dining choices around town? Think you are a suave chef? Here's your chance to tantalize the taste buds of Torre! At 1:00 P.M. Elven, Beacon Hall will host a cooking competition in order to seek out exciting new culinary fare for the Rest. Winners will be determined primarily on their final dish, but preparatory method will also be judged. The most popular food item will be taught to Beacon Hall's very own chefs and available regularly at the archives.

    OOC note: This is a role play event intended to use the ACT command. Entries should be no more than four to five minutes.

  • Crier Announcement: Tired of the usual selection of dining choices around town? Think you are a suave chef? Here's your chance to tantalize the taste buds of Torre!
  • Organizer: Kaldonis


Not many new ideas at the meeting. Perhaps a dedicated meeting to discuss.

Annexes cannot have super-earthnodes (according to Krakiipedia: )

Earthnodes can be added on per twenty (20) regular rooms (according to the CHE Influence Guide)

  • How many rooms and earthnodes does BHA presently contain? We can add the five new annex rooms to the total?

We'd like the portal to be as close to the old boot as possible. Room description:

  • [Kobold Village, King's Loo]
    Clearly His Majesty spends a great deal of time here when he isn't hiding from adventurers. The decor is certainly the best that generations of kobold artists have produced, the centerpiece consisting of a dented helm balanced on a stick so that it rattles a bit if you tap it. There are other equally fine treasures here, no doubt taken as spoils from the king's many victories and each almost as marvelous as the last. You also see a giant's boot.
  • >look in boot
    Peering down into the boot, you see that a hole in the heel rests over a pit in the floor. An unpleasantly familiar smell wafts upward.


  • Biweekly, Volnes, starting at 21:30 elven standard time
    (Mondays, 9:30 PM EST))
  • The first meeting of each month will be public, with emphasis to discuss concepts and general house material
    • House pins only work once per month, so better to have only one monthly general meeting
  • The second meeting of each month will be mainly for officers to discuss paperwork and technical details
    • Any members are welcome (if closed session for officers is strictly necessary, we will hold it at the end)

If we keep a consistent schedule and post to the forums, we may increase attendance.


New officers were given a general overview of the situation which nearly led to the dissolution of the House!

Moral: Don't be a thief!

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