Beacon Hall Archives General Meeting Volnes, day 12 of the month Eoantos in the year 5112 21:30 ~ 23:30 Elven Standard Time (Monday 12 November 2012, 9:30-11:30 EST)

Present: Chancellor Khiya Keeper Kaldonis Storyteller Jersea Astru Starchitin (after 1 hour)

========================================== Winter Festival Ornament

(It's now submitted)

A ribbon-strung glass bubble

Suspended from the branch by a gold ribbon, this clear glass ornament contains an assortment of tiny seashells, starfish and bits of driftwood scattered across fine white sand, creating a little beach scene. The sands twinkle brightly when caught by the light. In the center, a miniature sand dollar lies partially atop a petite seaweed fan, a glint of tourmaline green shining through the delicate fronds. The outside of the glass ornament is etched on one side with a frothy curling wave poised to break upon the enclosed beach scene. Standing guard on the opposite side is an etched lighthouse tower set with a flashy diamond, sparkling brightly. Inscribed around the top of the ornament is a message reading, "May your life be filled with the light of knowledge. Merry Solstice wishes from Beacon Hall Archives.

========================================== CHE Officer Email List

New people have not been added yet

(But we have since been added)

========================================== This month's event

Some discussion, but by now the event is finished. Report at the next officer's meeting

========================================== House Prizes from Ebon Gate

Some discussion about that, and the house will reimburse us.

========================================== House Annex

Due: January 1, 2013

Rooms: Locker, Library/Node, Exhibit, Party, [Storage]

	Need to inquire if the storage room counts as one of the five allocated rooms or not.

Display room (Khiya): This room is framed by striking cedar beams and two exterior glass walls. A sheer waterfall plunges down one glass wall into an outside pond while the second opens to the beach. On the limestone floor, an exotic white tiger print rug rests in front of a fieldstone fireplace with a large mantle. A coffee table made from the trunk of a cedar sits between a black leather sofa and an overstuffed chair of ruby velvet. Unique collectibles and artwork from all over are displayed throughout the room. Features: Locking display cases to cycle various items, and some way to denote descriptions of the items. One possibility for descriptions is to use the journals were pages can be written on and torn out (details below).

For the record, the writable books were at the Wavedancer (archive at

Nouns: book, notebook, journal, volume, and folio


a thin black leather <noun> a narrow crimson leather <noun> a dark silk-wrapped <noun> a deep blue cloth-bound <noun> a small white suede <noun> a twilight grey leather <noun> a bright yellow fabric-bound <noun> a slim forest green leather <noun> a large ocean blue suede <noun> a silver-worked black leather <noun> a gold-inlaid white leather <noun>

Whichever way we implement a display room, we should make use of the displays in both the annex and main house (most of the IP would be the coding to design them, which we can recycle).

Library: Reading room (node), maybe some books, rolling ladder, chairs.

========================================== Officer Hours

Recorded via HOUSE HOURS command

Thundin: Nothing since September (he's not on the officer's mailing list. Secretary needs his email address)

Fyrentennimar: Last two months not looking good either.

Raincail: October hours were slightly shy.

Everyone else: Seems okay

Should discuss more at the next meeting

========================================== Next Meeting (Officers)

Volnes, 26 Eoantos, 21:30 Elven (Monday, 26th November, 9:30pm EST)

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