Beacon Hall Archives Officer's Meeting Volnes, 26 Eoantos 5112, 21:30 Elven standard time

(Monday, 26 November 2012, 9:30pm ~ 11:30pm) Present: Astru Jersea Kaldonis Khiya Raincail

====EORGAEN EVENT===== (December Monthly Event Plan)

Date: 17th of Eorgaen, begining 21:30 elven standard time (December 17th, 9:30 PM EST)

Location: Wehnimer's Landing Solstice Tent

Gingerbread house contest

Crier is setup, news needs a little work

=====EONATOS EVENT==== (Novemeber Monthly Event Report)

10 food items, 4 points

	So we should come up with some additional ideas

Kaldonis's a hot trollfear mushroom-filled tart Astru's a banana-raspberry bread with some rosewater

Jersea's seasonal: a gingerbread lighthouse

Previous brainstorming of food items:

	A winterberry creme cordial 
	some sort of rivershine or moonshine
	a stout
	an ale
	a tart
	a piece of spicy gingerbread
	blueberry pancakes
	a fresh pineapple ring (slice?)
	a piece of pickled watermelon rind
	pineapple upside-down cake
	a slice of chocolate whiskey cake topped with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream
	some kind of fish?
	macadamia nuts?
	crab cakes
	mock turtle soup
	carrot cake
	toast with blackberry jam
	A slice of cinnamon toast generously spread with blackberry jelly?
	orange juice
	carrot sticks w/ or w/o dip
	goat cheese
	crispy fried bacon?
	A plate of fluffy scrambled eggs laced with crisp bits of smokey bacon and lightly sprinkled with some sharp cheddar cheese
	a small glass of milk
	trail mix
	a wildflower salad lightly dressed with baby mangos and pine nuts
	A sunset iced tea rimmed in sugared coconut
	double fried halibut strips with a vineger dipping sauce
	a fillet of alderwood smoked sockeye 
	bacon wrapped sea scallops
	a grilled king salmon steak with basil and lemon garnish 
	a cream cheese and wild smoked salmon filled tart
	smoked salmon and olive stuffed deviled eggs
	hot and spicy battered frog legs with a blueberry dipping sauce
	a heaping plate of fresh boiled crawdads
	a small bowl of fried potato sticks
	some honey smoked salmon strips
	a leafy green salad with dandilion blossom garnish
	asparagus tips smothered in spring onions and bacon crumbles
	a pile of deep fried jumbo prawns 
	an overstuffed lobster roll 
	a chunk of honey smoked halibut with lemon pepper seasoning
	angel hair pasta and clams in a buttery white wine sauce
	some onion and lemon stuffed barbecued steelhead or if bbq is unacceptable make it baked?


Drink making contest of sorts, Sweetheart dance for February

====LOMESTRA EVENT==== (January Monthly Event)

Organizer: Khiya

Historical tour of Citadel

Sunday or Monday

Hopefully we can get Song of Peace or Minor Sanctuary


(Everone was assumed familiar with this from the email to the CHE Officer's List)

Designs by the 5th! Please submit!


Start an email discussion for this in particular.

Khiya: Exhibit Room Kaldonis: Reading Room Jersea: Party Room

Still to determine: Officer storage room, or another room.

Kaldonis should circulate some logs from the previous meeting's discussion

	Okay, soon!


To be continued...

	Hour requirements from the guidelines
	At least one meeting a month


Let's try to start doing them!

Also, the SERVICE verb is pretty neat!


Sorry, we were missing Thundin's

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