Beacon Hall Archives General Meeting Minutes Volnes, day 10 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5112 21:30 ~ 23:30 elven time standard (Monday 10 December 2012, 9:30 - 11:30 PM EST)

Present: Astru, Curator Raincail, Selema, Light Keeper Jersea, Chancellor Khiya, Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar


Location: Solstice Tent in the Landing

	an expansive crimson silk tent bearing the crest of Beacon Hall Archive
	From the North Gate: south, east, east, east

Event: Gingerbread house making contest

	Historical Building in Elanthia
	Use normal alteration rules basically (but need not strictly follow but long description or show)

Participants: Contestants should come prepared

	Need to advertise that more clearly

On Calendar:

	Are you a Diva of design?  Queen of the kitchen?  Lord of the lunch?
	Have we got an event that will let your creativity shine!  Beacon Hall Archives 
	invites you to participate in a gingerbread building contest.
	The entry should display a building or edifice of some sort of historical 
	importance and should, of course, be completely edible.
	Participants are invited to come display their gingerbread creations in Beacon's 
	Solstice tent on the evening of Volnes, the 17th day of Eorgaen, in the year 
	5112 (Monday, December 17th, 2012).  Please be prepared to identify your 
	building and its historical importance.
	Entries will be judged on overall appearance, originality/creativity, and detail.  
	Judging will begin around 9:30 PM according to the elven clock.
	Jersea carries a tray holding her gingerbread lighthouse to the front of the room.
	Jersea says, "This is my recreation of the Beacon Hall Archives’ lighthouse in 
	River’s Rest."
	Jersea smiles and points out some of the finer details of the hard candy stained 
	glass windows and the gingerbread bricks outlined with white chocolate mortar.  
	Melted sugar forms the clear panes at the top of the tower.  Below, tinted shredded 
	coconut creates a soft grassy courtyard in front of the building.
	Participants should find ACT and SMILE useful when displaying their creations.


	Jersea, Khiya

Winners: 5 point system for each category:

	historical significance, overall view, side views, and hidden details

To do: Prizes, Pre-report


Original ornament submission was too detailed

	Not enough time to meet about the revision

The new one: a ribbon-strung glass bubble

	Suspended from the branch by a golden gossamer ribbon, this clear glass ornament 
	contains an assortment of tiny seashells, starfish and other bits of flotsam 
	scattered across fine white sand.  In the center of this miniature beach scene, 
	a glint of tourmaline green twinkles brightly.  A frothy wave etched on one side 
	of the glass bubble is poised to break upon the tiny enclosed beach.  On the 
	opposite side, an etched lighthouse tower stands guard, a flashy diamond sending 
	out bright sparkling beams.

Date: 19:00 elven standard time, Feastday, the 22nd of Eorgaen

	(7:00 PM EST, Saturday, December 22)

On Calendar:

	Join the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia for their annual winter solstice celebration 
	on the 22nd day of Eorgaen at 7:00 in the evening as the elves reckon time.  This 
	will be held in the Great House's Solstice tent that has been set up just inside the 
	north gate of Wehnimer's Landing.
	The magnificent tree you see in the back area of the tent will be adorned with special 
	ornaments during the celebration.  The winners of the annual CHE ornament contest will 
	be announced at this time.
	We invite all to attend!
	~Lord Ruthiford, Arch-Steward of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia


What: Citadel historical tour

When: Volnes, 14th of Lormestra

	(Monday, January 14)

Caldendar: Submitted, but not posted yet

Organizer: Khiya

Note: Khiya can gate and/or Kaldonis can planar shift, for anyone who cannot climb in.

	(Late note from secretary: Shouldn't a historical tour make us use the bridge?!)


Selema did two before. Ryvicke did some recently as well?

Should collaborate on this.

Hopefully our house logs will help us to be efficient.


We should probably draw up our own rules

	Our bylaws are not very specific
	CHE guidelines mainly up the guru for enforcement
	Let's compose a form letter

In charge: Raincail

A draft will be circulated.



	Cabolt was inducted

Officers: (conducted after the meeting)

	Astru for Event Coordinator
	Selema as Storyteller

====FASHANOS EVENT==== (February event)

Event: Sweetheart ball

Organizer: Selema

Details will be sent to the secretary by the 30th of this month for submission

Last year's announcement:

	Whether you're lucky in love or thankful you're not, come celebrate the day 
	of Voaris and Laethe with the Beacon Hall Archive on Restday, the 12th day of 
	Fashanos (February 12, 2012), starting at 8:00 as the elves tell time (Eastern). 
	We'll share the magic of River's Rest through a few of the town's most romantic 
	legends and then dance the night away with a Sweetheart Ball and private rides 
	on Beacon Hall's longboat.


From the official circular:

	I’m doing some CHE housecleaning and I have an old list of House tattoos, amulet 
	holders and darts that your members can request of certain merchants  (mostly my 
	merchants).  However, the list is quite incomplete, and seems quite old.  Time to 
	Below is a list of those houses who do not have a house design submitted for 
	various categories.  If you submit an idea to me I can be sure it is recorded so 
	that your members can request the “House Tattoo”, or the design on amulet holders 
	or darts from merchants, or your Houses can request such for their prize closets.  
	Houses who already have designs are welcome to contact me directly if they’d like 
	to adjust or change their designs.  
	Submitting these designs is a service free of IP charge.

Extra note from Scrimge:

	Nope, there’s no time limit, but I do plan on running some merchants in the coming 
	months to offer these sort of services.  House members who’s house hasn’t submitted 
	an design will be out of luck.

Let's start an email thread on this.


Accounting of IP:

	8 IP to move and redesign existing WL Annex rooms
	6 IP per additional room (three)
	10 IP to make on into a node
	Present total: 42 IP (assuming we submit the pool)
	For later (these are additional costs to the base rooms):
	5 IP for Library function
	2 IP for Swimming hole function
	(Could also wait on adding the node if we are tight on points)

The way forward:

	Abuse the email thread

Present room proposals:

	Display room, party room, pool room, reading room, locker.


	Entrance to be near the giant's boot in the kobold village
	Exhibit as entry, leading to locker or Lounge
	Lounge leads to pool and Library

(Khiya's work, no objection) [Exhibit Room, Beacon Hall Annex]:

	Long rows of pale maple pedestals displaying various objects and artifacts line 
	both sides of this spacious room.  Between each display, tall windows stretch 
	from floor to ceiling along creamy ivory walls, providing the perfect canvas for 
	the exhibits.  Resting in the center of the pale, inlaid marble floor, tufted 
	cognac leather benches provide the ideal place for conversation or contemplation.   
	At the far end of the room a sepia-inked map of Torre hangs  between two large 
	potted palms.
	(Entrance to the locker will be something related to the map: tickle is proposed)
	(Needs an entry to the party room: arch, broad steps, door, whatever)

(Kaldonis's work, some objections so this is not final) [Quiet Reading Room, Beacon Hall Annex]:

	A simple chandelier provides sufficient visibility within this small library, while brighter 
	lights encroach on the shadows from below.  Along a ledge overlooking the lounge below runs 
	a wrought iron railing, terminated at one end by a spiral staircase.  A cherrywood bookshelf 
	a head higher than the tallest giantman spans the opposing wall in full length, its 
	repository of texts accessible by a rolling ladder.  The stucco walls to either side are 
	embedded at rough intervals with fragments of colorful sea glass and striated clam shells.  
	A pair of red velvet chairs separated by a modest coffee table are stowed away at the far 
	corner, offering a view of the room below.

(Selema will be in charge, below is Jersea's quick brainstorming) [Tentative Lounge, Beacon Hall Annex]

	This large, () room provides multiple amenities for the weary adventurer.  A bar is in 
	one corner.  (can just request permanent items) "Tables"and chairs in another corner offer 
	the weary traveler a place to rest, but can be arranged to accommodate large lecture crowds, 
	as the open floor plan is adaptable.  The polished gleam of the floor also suggests dancing 
	as an option.  Tucked in a farthest cornet behind a screen of lush tropical planters, is a pool.
	(Needs the staircase to the reading room, and the complementary entry to the display room.)

Pool: Jersea is in charge, but we may not be ready, in which case we can add it later.

Due: January 7th!


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