Beacon Hall Meeting Minutes Volnes, day 21 of the month Lormestra in the year 5113 21:30 ~ 23:30 elven time standard (Monday 21 January 2013, 9:30 - 11:30 PM EST)

Present: Curator Raincail Kirackus Event Coordinator Astru Chancellor Khiya Keeper Kaldonis



Gargamish, Maethros, Qatari

There is no apparent opposition.

(Gargamish didn't make it.)

Maethros and Qatari were then invited to the meeting, and inducted after business was done.


We discussed it again. The secretary will include more details the next time, since omission is a sin.

Thundin was once again mentioned, with a unanimous voice saying this isn't working for now.

	Of course we would be happy to welcome him back.

We should contact him, but also get our letter together generally for inactive officers.

====LORMESTRA EVENT==== (January Event)

Citadel Tour, taking place on the 14th of Lormestra, beginning at 21:00.

	(January 14th)

Organizer: Khiya

Turnout was quite nice (17 people all told), and it was well-received.

Some obvious comments on the deaths which occurred, as well as the sheer fear.

	No one who died complained, and such things might be suitable for such a place.
	(Important to note, only one death was purely accidental and protection was otherwise effective.)

====FASHANOS EVENT==== (February Event)

Organizer: Jersea

Pulling this from the official calendar for reference...

When: Restday, 10th of Fashanos, 17:00 through 21:00 elven

	(Sunday, February 10th, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

Event Title: Romance in The Rest

Further notes: Whether you're lucky in love or thankful you're not, come celebrate the day of Voaris and Laethe with the Beacon Hall Archive on Restday, the 10th day of Fashanos (February 10, 2013). It will be an afternoon of something for everyone beginning at 5:00 in the Commons, with a seeking game. Prepare to explore the town once more, with an eye on “togetherness.” At 6:30, join us at Beacon Hall’s courtyard, for a game of “Two's Company,” a guessing game of things that go together. Round out the evening with some dancing under the stars at our Sweetheart Ball, beginning about 8:00. Also, Beacon Hall’s longboat will be available for private moonlit cruises. All event times are given according to the elven clock.


Precise details to be forthcoming.

We were approached by Delilahrae about a joint event with her group

	Guardians' of the Fist legion

Basic concept: Service 'night' (schedule pending) and splitting up for group hunting

	The joint side prefers Grimswarm, but it isn't clear all groups must do so

Organizer: Astru (for scheduling at least)

From the BHA side, we've had various discussions about wanting to start some Service Nights

From the Guardians' side, they like to take advantage of our access to the Official Calendar

	(Also assumed they like our MOD postings to our members about mention until later)

Some officers noted the rather poor in-character presentation and apparently unprepared speech.

	It would be good to advise on these points in the future

(Of course, some of our meetings go OOC, but in this case the door was not locked!)

	We mainly go OOC for the convenience of discussing scheudles which relate to real life.


Topic is the Wehnimer's Landing Annex!

	As our design is not finished, we'll delay submission to finalize.

Time was not fixed, tentatively assumed to be the first week of Charlatos (March), normal time.

	The secretary will circulate the point for affirmation or change.

We have some tentative designs for many rooms (considering we get only 5)

	These should be finalized

Main work will be the mapping (intraroom connections), and the portal (location, appearance).

	The secretary may compose a proposed map (this is the first time you read that)

We should aim for consensus as much as possible, which also means people should compromise.


We need designs for amulet holders, tattoos, and perfumes!

So far, there are literally no designs at all.

Scrimge suggested the events might be sooner than later, so let's get some ideas rolling!

====OLAESTA EVENT==== (April Event...planned in January!)

Fishing contest!

Organizer: Qatari (Raincail will represent the Officers)



Qatari and Maethros are now formally members!

	Maethros opted for the quick River's Rest and Mist Harbor locker 'tour'

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