Beacon Hall Meeting Minutes Volnes, day 18 of the month Fashanos in the year 5113 21:30 ~ 23:00 elven time standard (Monday 18 February 2013, 9:30 - 11:00 PM EST)

Present: Muthra Neovik Lady Qatari Raincail Chancellor Khiya Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar Keeper Kaldonis

==Charlatos Event== (March event)

(Omitting discussion and notes, since by now the event was run successfully)

This was the Calendar item, for the records:

Event Title: Go Camping with Beacon Hall and Guardians of the First Legion

Event Date: Resday, 10th day of Charlatos, 5113 beginning at 20:00 elven time standard Sunday, March 10th at 8:00pm EST (3/10/2013)

Calendar Notice: Beacon Hall is joining forces with the Guardians of the First Legion to sponsor an evening of service, hunting, and games. We will begin by sharing magical wards, and then participants will split up in groups to raze war camps, complete bounties, or combat other local threats. After some treasure box looting and a good rest, we will finish the night with an exciting game of Dock Diving in the Warrens. Join us in the River's Rest Commons starting at 8:00 Elven.

IP: None

==Olaesta Event== (April event)

Submission to the Calendar (still needs to go in NEWS!)

April Calendar Request (in secular notation for Sunday the 7th of April at 9pm EST)



For those living along major bodies of water, fishing may be a fond pastime or even a source of livelihood. However, to some denizens of River's Rest, it remains a fiercely competitive sport. Whether you enjoy fishing itself, good company, or merely any excuse to drink, your participation is welcome at the River's Rest Fishing Competition, hosted and sponsored by Beacon Hall Archive. Veterans may have their lucky fishing poles and preferred bait; nonetheless, all required gear (including drinks) will be available for use. The winner will receive a handsome fishing trophy, one hundred thousand silvers, and of course bragging rights.

Join us promptly at 9pm (as the elves tell time) on Restday the 7th of Olaesta in the Town Commons before we head over to Beacon Hall's private fishing dock.

IP: None required

Fishing gear is in the Officers' chest

In charge: Qatari, Fyrentennimar

==Officer Hours==

Short on hours (as of the meeting)

	Astru, Fyrentennimar

Note: Finally all officers got in their hours, but the system calculated the hours at a strange time before the month finally ended. So in fact Fyrentennimar got in his hours, but the HOUSE HOURS reflect slightly incorrectly. We can raise the point with Scrimge if the topic comes up.

==House Item Designs==

We still need these!

	Tattoo, Amulet holder, Perfume


	Suggestive (eg turtle) rather than obvious (eg lighthouse)
	Short tattoo with a detailed description
	It can also be scripted

==Next meeting==

Charlatos the 11th, at 21:30 elven time (March 11th, 9:30 PM)

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