Beacon Hall Meeting Minutes Volnes, day 11 of the month Charlatos in the year 5113 21:40 ~ 23:20 elven time standard (Monday 11 March 2013, 9:40 - 11:20 PM EST)

Present: Hall Guardian Neovik Event Coordinator Astru Light Keeper Jersea High Lord Raincail Chancellor Khiya Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar Keeper Kaldonis

(Maethros arrives one hour late.)


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Scrimge is contacting Kenstrom about our proposed location.

It looks possible, we will be informed.

==Charlatos Event== (March Event)

Event title: Go Camping with Beacon Hall and Guardians of the First Legion


	Faster (and more organized) spellups
		Should basically be a problem of people using Lich a little too hardcore...
	Split into level groups
		This was actually part of the original plan...
	Turnout was good
	Meet somewhere other than Commons
		Kaldonis decided this at the last minute, since no firm plan was ever sent
		But we should choose a node (although Mana Focus is a possibility)
		Nodes in/around town (likely incomplete):
			Sanctuary (also a popular spot, so avoid)
			Fountain in the Warrens (some people have trouble finding it)
			Beacon Hall Common Room
			Table at the Stone Eye (invitation to join table is annoying)

Someone should do the event report...

We should restart general help nights, once a week or a couple times a month

	So let's get a standard time and location!

==Quarterly Report==

Food items -- Jersea's assignment

	Add all our food to the pantry
	10 food for 4 points
	Items from Eonatos Event (November Monthly)
		Kaldonis's a hot trollfear mushroom-filled tart
		Astru's a banana-raspberry bread with some rosewater
	Jersea's seasonal: a gingerbread lighthouse
	Previous brainstorm paste:
		A winterberry creme cordial 
		some sort of rivershine or moonshine
		a stout
		an ale
		a tart
		a piece of spicy gingerbread
		blueberry pancakes
		a fresh pineapple ring (slice?)
		a piece of pickled watermelon rind
		pineapple upside-down cake
		a slice of chocolate whiskey cake topped with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream
		some kind of fish?
		macadamia nuts?
		crab cakes
		mock turtle soup
		carrot cake
		toast with blackberry jam
		A slice of cinnamon toast generously spread with blackberry jelly?
		orange juice
		carrot sticks w/ or w/o dip
		goat cheese
		crispy fried bacon?
		A plate of fluffy scrambled eggs laced with crisp bits of smokey bacon and lightly sprinkled with some sharp cheddar cheese
		a small glass of milk
		trail mix
		a wildflower salad lightly dressed with baby mangos and pine nuts
		A sunset iced tea rimmed in sugared coconut
		double fried halibut strips with a vineger dipping sauce
		a fillet of alderwood smoked sockeye 
		bacon wrapped sea scallops
		a grilled king salmon steak with basil and lemon garnish 
		a cream cheese and wild smoked salmon filled tart
		smoked salmon and olive stuffed deviled eggs
		hot and spicy battered frog legs with a blueberry dipping sauce
		a heaping plate of fresh boiled crawdads
		a small bowl of fried potato sticks
		some honey smoked salmon strips
		a leafy green salad with dandilion blossom garnish
		asparagus tips smothered in spring onions and bacon crumbles
		a pile of deep fried jumbo prawns 
		an overstuffed lobster roll 
		a chunk of honey smoked halibut with lemon pepper seasoning
		angel hair pasta and clams in a buttery white wine sauce
		some onion and lemon stuffed barbecued steelhead or if bbq is unacceptable make it baked?

Other food items? Mainly drinks are mentioned

	Coffee has had quite a few requests
	DEATH RUM!  (Scripted, strong, etc)

Annex design should be completed.

Kaldonis and Khiya will correspond concerning the fine print of the report

==Olaesta Event== (April event)

Fishing contest!

Submission to the was done Calendar (still needs to go in NEWS!)

(in secular notation for Sunday the 7th of April at 9pm EST)

Running event officially: Qatari and Khiya

	Fyrentennimar was falsely appointed in the last minutes
	Probably it should have been Neovik
	There was a lot of buck passing in that meeting...

==Ivastaen Event== (May Event)

Coordinator: Jersea

Topic: Drinking? Poetry?! Darts!!

==Lumnea Event== (June Event)

Summoning the lovers Estamil and Tandrik? Start saving your green tourmalines!

Organizer: Kaldonis maybe (always need a necromancer at these sorts of things!)

==Old shitz==

Still no perfume, tattoos, amulet holder ideas.

Kaldonis will come up with a tattoo and circulate it

Book amulet holder, old book smelling perfume (my aren't we clever)

Historically associated images: A lighthouse, tome and quill, dancing turtle, white lily.

Fyrentennimar insists there is history concerning a rainbow dragon

==Next meeting==

Olaesta the 8th at 21:30 elven (April 8th at 9:30 PM EST)

If we decide to have one sooner, we'll announce by HOUSE MOD

==Unofficial business==

Sleep with your pants on and duct tape over your asshole.

	You never know when, late at night, you'll be awoken KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK
	Open the door to a raven-haired elf, wearing nothing but a ski mask...
	She is holding a fire extinguisher in her right hand and a can of whipped cream in her left hand.
	Ycelacie say, "Khiya, it's time to PARTY!"

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