Beacon Hall Meeting Minutes Volnes, day 8 of the month Olaesta in the year 5113 21:40 ~ 23:30 elven time standard (Monday 8 April 2013, 9:40 - 11:30 PM EST)

Present: Khiya Event Coordinator Astru Keeper Kaldonis

(Light Keeper Jersea arriving late)

==Olaesta Event== (April event)

Present: Khiya, Ranpalandil, Joepye, Raincail, Aiya, Astru, Kaldonis

Joepye won with the most fish (but still need to give her the trophy from the officer's chest)

	It's this: an oak and gold sea thrak trophy

Kaldonis won with the biggest fish

We forgot the chest for keeping fish, so most fish escape:

	It's this: a large rhimar-lined chest
	Maybe we should put it in one of the fishing gear bags?

We might try to get a fishing knife or two for our bag: e.g. a bone-handled fishing knife

	It does this:
	Joepye cuts into the largemouth bass's flesh and after a few deft strokes produces a fine fillet of raw bass.
	Joepye slices her fillet of raw bass into a thinner cut, producing a small slab of fillet of raw bass that falls to the ground.

Note: None of the original coordinators showed up. That's bad...

==Quarterly Report==

Done (mostly Khiya)

=Annex= Design was submitted. Still a little uncertainty about the number of rooms, and how portals work.

	We'll deal with this after hearing back from Scrimge.

=New foods= Ten new items submitted

==Ivastaen Event== (May event)

Darts at Mislin Hall. Khiya and Kaldonis discussed the time and date, but I don't have the full details

	Can I get a reply on this to include the Calendar submission?

Also we can make house darts, so possibly if the design is done quickly enough, we can give as a prize!

	Let's try to get it done soon!

Dart game is potentially cricket (but some testing might be required to see if it's reasonable)

	Astru and Kaldonis to figure it out...

==House Items==

Speaking of darts!

Kaldonis's tentative tattoo design seems okay

	So we'll try to fix it up a little!

==Lumnea Event== (June event)

Summer Solstice event

Tentative date: 20th (avoids RtCF and Friday night, and almost the correct date!)

Go over the constellations, some other stuff.

Location: To be determined, potentially on the Krol Ship?

==Service Nights==

Still some discussions about that...

==Food Cart Tutorial==

Go through the stained wooden door off the Kitchen (first floor staircase room 'B' on webmap)

The room has two things of interest here: a smooth mahogany lever

	PULL this lever to return the cart to this room.
	Obviously if someone else is using the cart, it will steal it from them

a large cedar-lined pantry

	There is food in here.  If the cart is present, GET items from the pantry and PUT them on the cart

Cart itself:

	SLAP to clear its contents
	PULL to make the cart follow you (so do this and go to your desired location of setup)
	PUSH to stop the cart in the present room

Notes on suggested usage:

	Always put winterberry ale!  Lots of choices...
	Don't put too much, just because it's confusing
	Note locksmiths don't like CHEESE because they work with CHESTS
		But there is a community chest in Commons, and everyone should always use MY
	There is a way to get the cart to other realms, but it's tricky...
		A future tutorial involving a house tent!
		Kaldonis should try planar cart shifting...hah

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