Beacon Hall Meeting Minutes Volnes, day 6 of the month Olaesta in the year 5113 21:00 ~ 22:00 elven time standard (Monday 6 May 2013, 9:00 - 10:00 PM EST)

Present: Curator Raincail Khiya Lady Qatari Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar Event Coordinator Astru Keeper Kaldonis Aiya

==New Member Inductions== Aiya

==Ivasten Event==

Darts at Mislin Hall

Calendar item: Event: TAKE AIM WITH BEACON HALL ARCHIVE! When: Tue, May 7, 10pm – 11pm Where: Mislin Hall Description: Join for us for a casual evening drinks and darts on Tuesday, May 7th at 10:00 P.M. The event will be held at Mislin Hall and we will meet in the Commons during the ten minutes prior to the event.

We still don't have any darts.

	Borrow them from Qatari

Game is suggested by Jersea after the event. A form of "Under."

Coordinator: Jersea / Khiya

==Lumnea Event==

Solstice and star gazing.

Telescope near the cliff (but it doesn't look at stars...)

Date is chosen to not be a Friday, and not overlap with RtCF

Coordinator: Astru

Story of the constellations, maybe fireworks via Fire Spirit.

Calendar item: Event: BEACON HALL CELEBRATES THE SOLSTICE When: Thu, June 20, 9pm – 10pm Where: River's Rest Commons Description: Come celebrate the true beginning of summer with the Beacon Hall Archive! We will have storytime about all the stars, accompanied of course with food and drinks. Please join us in Commons at 21:00 elven, where we will proceed to the telescope south of the drawbridge. In order to connect more firmly with the celestial objects, for the most daring, we will play "Dodge the Void" afterwards, so bring your herb tinctures please!

==Annexing the Landing via the Kobold Village==

We've not heard anything from Scrimge / Kenstrom.

==Tattoo Concept==

(To be brushed up)

a majestic sea turtle inked in cerulean on his forearm

Show: The marine turtle is tattooed in profile at a slight angle with its flippers splayed. Inked in blue monochrome as traditional among sailors, the appearance is abstract owing to its lack of a distinct outline. Instead, the sizable carapace is rendered as a mosaic of isolated plates. Floating about the shell are its mottled textured limbs. In contrast, the head is sharply pronounced with a hooked beak clenching a feathered quill.

We also need perfume/cologne, darts, amulet holder designs

Kaldonis might do the darts, too.

==Koaratos Event==

History of the Marsh Keep

Coordinator: Kaldonis (with historical help from others)

Calendar item: Event: ENTER THE MARSH KEEP When: Tuesday, July 23rd, 9pm EST Where: Marsh Keep Description: Ninety nine years ago, Syssanis's Keep to the east of Oteska's Marsh was found to be abandon on a drunken wager. For some time, perhaps, it stayed that way, and the surrounding fen slowly spread, encroaching the once clear pathway from the Miasmal Forest. In their waking hours, local citizens of the time tried to put the horrors of the necromancer out of mind, focusing instead on the ruined economy of River's Rest. The nightmares, however, would not so quickly fade, and the terrible rumors and snatches of all-but-forgotten legend persisted. Then, in the autumn five years ago after a particularly hot and rainless summer, the bogs receded somewhat, uncovering an old and haunted pathway. Dreadful abominations were again discovered on the outskirts and inside the Marsh Keep, showing the trolls and undead lurking in the mists of the now miserable forests nearby to be but lesser races and little more than paltry witchcraft.

Who was Syssanis, and what was his fate? And what has he left behind...

Join us at 21:00 elven standard time on Tilamaires the 23rd of Koaratos in Town Commons before we venture across Maelstrom Bay to the Marsh Keep seeking answers to these questions.

==Other business==

Bumping into the doorman is resolved?

Getting all the food into the pantry.

If you want to show up for WHO HOUSE BEACON, enable this:


Node status added to the Workshop?

	Check the rules.  It would be useful for those of us that use it

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