Beacon Hall Meeting Minutes Volnes, day 17 of the month Lumnea in the year 5113 21:15 ~ 23:00 elven time standard (Monday 17 June 2013, 9:15 - 11:00 PM EST)

Present: Event Coordinator Astru Light Keeper Jersea Aiya Neovik Curator Raincail Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar Khiya Keeper Kaldonis

==Lumnea Event==

Coordinator: Astru

Calendar item: Event: BEACON HALL CELEBRATES THE SOLSTICE When: Thu, June 20, 9pm – 10pm Where: River's Rest Commons Description: Come celebrate the true beginning of summer with the Beacon Hall Archive! We will have storytime about all the stars, accompanied of course with food and drinks. Please join us in Commons at 21:00 elven, where we will proceed to the telescope south of the drawbridge. In order to connect more firmly with the celestial objects, for the most daring, we will play "Dodge the Void" afterwards, so bring your herb tinctures please!

Note we need to do this: Event Pre-reporting - No less than (but not too early!) a week before an event, the Controller needs a pre-event blurb put into HOUSE NOTE SEND EMAIL. This should state the date, time, location, coordinator, and purpose of said event. Nothing more is needed

Also, set up the HOUSE MOD

==Koaratos Monthly Event== (July event)

Coordinator: Kaldonis (much lore from others)

Marsh Keep Tour

We will discuss this in a separate meeting.

	2nd of Koaratos, 21:30 elven standard time
	(July 2, 9:30 PM EST)

==Landing Annex==

We still need item descriptions and portals for rooms!

The project cannot move forward until it is complete.

==House Roster==

We need one of these, built from the ground up.


It should include contact information.

	Create a new mailing list for members

==House Tattoos, Perfume, Darts, Amulet Holders==

We really need designs on these things.

So far we only have a tentative tattoo design.

==New Archive==

We don't know who is in charge of the old archive.

Let's make a new one

Kaldonis will do some spearheading

Neovik can contribute his professional expertise.

==Phoenatos Monthly Event== (August event)

Coordinator: Khiya

Topic: TBD

==CHE Documentation==

Get these distributed again to all officers.

==Whitehaven Winterfest==

DATES: Eorgaen (December) 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th."

Location: Icemule

We vote to tentatively join.

==Frontier Days==

Without the proposed Annex, it seems impossible to contribute

Announcements seemed to be lacking, and it overlaps with Bardfest.

Regardless, we have no part in this.


We vote to hold it again in Imaerasta (September)

==Reinstatement of Member Projects==

To be discussed later.

Kaldonis's Popping Boxes guide is done


==Officer Laziness==

We need improvement particularly on the following points:

	Due diligence in completing tasks
	Focus at meetings
	Everyone doing their part to run events
	Presence in the town of River's Rest

Let's start using the house thought net!

	It works over all realms
	THINK ON HOUSE This is madness! 
	Not having crystal amulets is no excuse
		Remember the boot?

==Next Meeting==

2nd of Koaratos, 21:30 elven standard time

	(July 2, 9:30)

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