Minutes Present:

Event Coordinator Astru Chancellor Khiya Lady Jersea Kaldonis Raincail Fyrentennimar


  • Former member
  • Did somethinig with the website
  • Dues and project for rejoining?
  • Vote: 4 to 0 in favor of repaying his dues

Keep Event

  • Delay for Cysaegir event
  • Also Kaldonis is extremely busy this month
  • November
  • Informal event instead (Gem of Fate)?


  • Early October
  • Sunday - Tuesday was last year
  • October 13 - 15
  • Sunday, the 13th:
                   5:00 Greedy Goatherd
                   8:00 Goatfest Legend and a history of the zoo.
                   10:00 Raffles
                   (after raffles) Huntress Shrine tour
  • Monday, the 14th
                   9:30 Kidding Around at raffle site
                           - Jokes (informal)
                   10:00 Raffles (more raffles?)
                   (after raffles) Never hire a kobold as a shepherd
                           - Guess which pen the goat belongs in based on its (dis)likes
  • Tuesday, the 15th
                   (time?) Dance to the Bleat
                           - Dance competition
                   (time?) Fishing contest

Vote to update goat trophy year (5:0 aye)


  • 6 IP for 4 winners of 15 minute merchant time
  • Cash prize (200k)
  • T1 ensorcell on Monday night
  • toucan/goat pin thing (vote 3:0 in favour)
  • fancy dice
  • fancy gown (vote 3:0 on buying one)

Next meeting on the 16th

  • Discuss Annex
  • Induct new members

Meeting on the 30th (or 23rd?)

  • Finalize plans for the Annex

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