Present: Neovik Raincail Jersea Khiya Astru Fyrentennimar


  • Toucan pin being converted to goat pin
  • Event on calendar
     - Minor corrections "or" to "and" in raffles
  • Criers required (Jersea assigned task, due by 22nd)


  • Add functionality to library next quarter
     - Books as projects for new members
  • Khiya to update Annex plans on Google site

Keep Event

  • Dates? (Khiya to ask Kaldonis)


  • Begin to consider designs
     - Must be prettier than *all* the others this year!
     - Email Khiya with suggestions

New Members

  • Ellye and Ahrairah
     - voted in (2:0 for... we really need to work on all voting...)
  • Project requirements reinstated
  • To be inducted at a later date


  • To promote the house, have tours
    - On meeting nights
  • Raincail volunteers to organize

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