Present: Raincail, Jersea, Fyrentennimar, Khiya, Kayse and Skipjack join after inducting Kayse, Astru shows up super late

May event

  • Picture book contest
  • 22nd at 9:30

June event

  • TBD


  • We cannot leave wobbly out all the time, Khiya gets in trouble.


  • May through August just one meeting per month
    • Because vacations and stuff
  • Next meeting May 26th


  • Still need prizes
  • Still need amulet holders
    • A withered krolvin head. With an amulet stuffed in its stupid mouth.

New Members

  • Kayse gets approved and inducted.
  • Gukrig was approved, but has yet to be inducted (need to arrange a time).


  • The corn is gross.

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