Present: Kayse, Kaldonis, Khiya, Astru, Kirryk, Teasurii, Fyrentennimar (late)

Book event

  • Totally successful, much fun was had by all

Lumnea (June) event:

  • Lumnea 24th at 10:00 in the evening
  • Burghal's rule, run by Teasurii

Koaratos (July) event:

  • House tour and service night
  • Also stories

Later event (date TBD):

  • Cooking some food?

Prize closet

  • Suggestions:
    • Fancy rose-marrow potions
    • Fancy long bows (sighted, carved with goats)
    • Bag for books with a dragon reading a tome on it next to a lighthouse
    • Snuff box
    • Pipe/tobacco (winterberry pipe tobacco?)
    • Winterberry cigars
    • Hookah shaped like a lighthouse
    • Local hair flowers (e.g. flaming violets)
    • Perfume holder
    • Cologne
    • Necklaces, charm bracelets
    • Amulet holder

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