• Kayse
  • Kaldonis
  • Kirryk
  • Teasurii
  • Astru


Standardized Meeting Schedule

  • Odd months, meeting to be held on the third Restday of the month 12:30 pm elven time
  • Even months, meeting to be held on the third Volnes of the month 10:00 pm elven time
  • Vote: Four in favour (Kaldonis proposed, but did not vote).
  • Schedule to be confirmed at next Volnes meeting for those who could not make the Restday meeting.

Inter-House Siegery competition

  • Each house enters a champion for a battle of the miniatures.
  • Two weeks to train.
  • Competition in Eorgaen or Lormesta. (check!)
  • Have to select champion by some means.
  • Monetary donation from the house (100k approved, but will consider a larger amount closer to the event)
  • Formalize at next meeting.
    • Decide participation, monetary donation amount and who our champion will be.
    • Time for a competition within Beacon Hall to select champion?

Winterfest 5014

  • Indication to participate due Jastatos 31st
  • Does Winterfest event count as Eorgaen event?
  • Soup or cookie contest.
    • Winning entries going into the pantry.
  • Try for event on the 12th at 10 elven (Kayse to run, Teasurii to judge contestants by eating all the food).

Reminder on house bylaws

  • There was an incident at a Goatfest event where one spectator wounded another (by removing a limb).
  • Suggest that attacker to use less violent means to communicate at future events.
    • OOC: The player of Kaldonis offers the suggestion to DEM COLD for events if one does not enjoy being touched.
  • IC: Violence at events can result in expulsion from house grounds (if excessive... which is apparently very debatable).

Discussion on growing house membership

  • Add some bi-monthly tours?
    • OOC: Script on the website with suggested additions?
    • IC: House project for the next few months
    • Tours as easy monthly events?
      • Coupled with other events so we're super active!
    • Add games! Or services.


  • House has to vote.
    • Officers present did not know how to set up vote.
  • Khiya's job.

Jastatos Event

  • Storytelling on the 31st.

Eoantos Event

  • Workshop Event. Coordinator: Cabolt
  • On the 15th at 8 or 9 pm elven.
    • OOC: The player of Kaldonis volunteers to start email thread hashing out details.

Items for next meeting (on the 16th of Eoantos at 12:30 elven)

  • Double check meeting schedule (or meeting after next).
  • Siegery competition.
  • Winterfest?

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