Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Feastday, day 17 of the month Lormesta in the year 5115
(Saturday January 17th, 2015)


  • Kayse
  • Great Lady Augierose
  • Ueru
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar
  • Light Keeper Jersea
  • Keeper Astru

Officer Elections

  • Four candidates for four positions
    • Each vote has to be held for two weeks (according to by-laws)
    • Only one voting session can be set up at a time
  • Motion to do two separate votes, each with two candidates (5 in favour, 0 opposed)
  • First set is Teasurii and Kayse

Quarterly Report

  • Annex to be finished soon (did not require resubmission)
    • To be finished this quarter (opening party?)
    • Library with books submitted in report (possibly not done for opening)
  • Prize closet requests finished, on yellow shelf
    • Herbal remedies, pipe, other stuff
  • Request for blackboard at Mist Harbour annex

Fashanos Event

  • 15th of Fashanos, 18:30
  • Prize after game, not after ball
  • Kayse to finish preparing game
  • Kayse threatens vengeance if event is poorly attended

Charlatos Event

  • Skipjack to run tour
    • Kaldonis to coordinate date, time

New Members

  • Plan to induct new members as they show up to meetings
  • Ueru expresses interest in Ruined Tower project/event
  • Vote: 5 in favour, 0 opposed
    • Ueru inducted at end of meeting

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